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Aug 11, 2009 07:10 AM

Summer of rotten tomatoes?

Any recs on where to get good tomatoes? Got some at Union Square this weekend and they were pretty mealy. Maybe I just hit the wrong stand? There has to be good local tomatoes somewhere, right? Help.

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  1. even my home grown tomatoes have been mealy. i think its widespread.

    1. We've gotten good tomatoes from Kernan Farms at the W.97th Street greenmarket (Fridays). I'm not usually a beefsteak person but we were buying them because the plums were later than usual. They were very good. Their yellow and red grape tomatoes are excellent (it's hard not to just snack on them). The plums are in now and I've just bought some but I haven't eaten them yet.

      1. There are loads of news articles on the widespread tomato blight this year which is costing farmers most of their crops:

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          I know and it's sad. The CSA I belong to lost all tomato and potato crops. Upstate has been hit especially hard and for most farms tomatoes are how they make most of their money. That said there are locations that have not been hit and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I had a few last week from NJ that were not terrible but like LNG212 said, they were beefsteak...not heirloom or plum. Any suggestions would be great.

        2. Reportedly, small varieties (cherries, etc.) are being hit less by the blight. You could try some of them. In any case, even without this horrible disease, tomatoes prefer warmer, drier weather, which is exactly the opposite of what we've been getting. Cool wet weather makes them mealy and flavorless, like winter tomatoes from California. My recommendation is to enjoy the cucurbits and the peaches, which are excellent this year, and forget about tomatoes until 2010.

          1. My beefsteak, Brandywine, San marzano and Cherry have fared well. My new variety from US greenmarket called Noir are horrible, cracked and the weirdesr green to red color. I continually pick and 86 them immediately

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              I am replying to my own reply, I was mistaken, the Ananas Noire tomatos that I have grown are splitting a lot but I finally tasted some and they are delicious. I aplogize to the greemarket vendor whom I bought the plants from.