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Aug 11, 2009 06:11 AM

Lisbon - where to eat a special dinner on New Year's Eve?

I guess the title says it all!

Ideally, we're looking for something with really good, homegrown food (seafood would be great), a long wine list, good service. Probably not too formal or fussy.

If there's a place with a view over New Year fireworks / celebrations - all the better.

We'll spend as much or as little as necessary moneywise :)

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. I've been trying to think of places that might have views of fireworks so that you can celebrate and have a nice meal while in Lisbon.

    I'm not a big fan of either the Docas or Parque das Nações (aka Expo) areas since they are just a bit too "fabricated" for my liking, yet they do have some good restaurants where you can certainly take in the NYE festivities and fireworks. The main fireworks usually take place in the Praça do Comercio, however since it is currently under renovation, I'm wondering if that will alter the festivities for 2009-2010.

    Some other ideas might be to eat in one of the restaurants on top of the hills in say Alfama, Graça, Santa Catarina, or parts of the Bairro Alto. Some more upscale places that should have decent food are Via Graça, Faz Figura, Bica do Sapato (very trendy), Restô do Chapitô. Granted, these are sort of pedestrian options that tend to be a bit more touristy (especially Bica do Sapato and Chapitô) yet there are also simpler local places that you might want to scout out if you get there a few days ahead.

    Thus, you could try to go to a less formal restaurants near one of the main Miradouros (viewpoints) and take in the festivities that way. Another idea would be to go to the Belém district and eat at one of the restaurants along the river providing they are open.

    Nonetheless, there are endless options, yet even if you go to a less formal place, you still might want to try to make a reservation (if they accept).

    Boa Sorte!

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      Thanks ever so much. We've picked up some info from your other post (we're staying in the same hotel as the OP, by coincidence), and we love the idea of the shellfish restaurant :)

    2. Hi! Note that Bica do Sapato does not always have a view (and you want a restaurant with a view to see the fireworks). The last time I went there there was a massive cruise-ship docked in front, and the time before an American war ship...
      I would say "Eleven" might probably have the best view, but the food is grossly overpriced and over-rated, and the whole staff should have been sacked long ago for their misplaced arrogance...
      One restaurant to keep in mind (but not for this occasion) is "Na Ordem com Luis Suspiro" the restaurant of the medical council (!) 2 minutes from the airport. It is open to everybody and offers great value for money (Portuguese modern cuisine). .
      I like lunch at the Brasserie Flo at the Tivoli (on Liberdade) for their shellfish and oysters bank and the "Terrace" restaurant of the same Tivoli might be a good spot for new Year.
      Otherwise, I fully support the comments of Vinhotinto.