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Aug 11, 2009 05:57 AM

Ultimate Strudel

What makes a apple strudel good? Things like
Ratio of filling to pastry
Type of (and sourness of) apple
ratio of raisin to apple
thinness of pastry
pastry recipe

I like quite a tart filling I think, but apart from that, I am a strudelnoob.

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  1. bump - any strudel experts on today?

    I talked to a chef friend who says that very few people can make consistently good filo pastry by hand

    1. Mother (80) was born in Miskolcz, Hungary and makes her own strudel dough by hand. No filo dough. The key is to roll out the dough very thin and stretch with the knuckles (not fingers) until entire dough is spread over the kitchen table. The linoleum/oil cloth she uses is older than I am! Her favorite filling starts with Granny Smith apples, not too sugared. She uses dark raisins (as opposed to white or golden). She also makes a sour cherry strudel using frozen tart cherries flavored with almond liquer. Hard to give exact proportion for ratio of filling to pastry, her best answer is "It depends" on juiciness of fruit, humidity in room, etc. When complete, the strudel is laid onto a large half sheet pan in a horseshoe shape. Will try to wrest the recipe from her, not sure she will give it to me!

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        The easiest way to do it is with two people. Flour the hell out of a linen tablecloth, then sit across a table from your strudel partner with the rolled-out dough on the cloth. Each person stretches the dough with his/her knuckles, working from the center, until the dough covers the tablecloth. Fill it, start rolling, buttering and bread-crumbing as you go. Don't roll too tightly. Strudel.

      2. Thanks guys ^__^

        I don't actually have a kitchen table. The largest smooth surface in my house is a coffee table about... 70cm by 70cm? I guess I could make it in the living room if necessary.
        Does it need to be that big? Will it fit in my oven?

        Granny smith sounds like a good choice, although the cherry sounds good... I could do one flavour at each end!

        The breadcrumming/buttering part - is that like roll, butter and the sprinkle the breadcrumbs over the butter, then roll?

        Thanks for the tips so far!

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          The fruit, or cheese, or poppyseed filling goes in the center, but the bread crumbs and butter go between the layers. Lay out a sausage shape of filling about six inches from the bottom of your sheet of dough, roll the dough over it, then start rolling, brushing with melted butter and sprinkling with breadcrumbs. You'll need a bigger table.

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            hang on it must be bigger than that. about 3 ft.

          1. re: Nyleve

            I love the Gourmet recipe from a few years back for a Goat cheese, Date & bacon strudel.

          2. Well, I made one, and it was fun. I kind of went by this:

            But I didn't leave it for 2 hours, I left for 15 minutes. My table would have been big enough, but I got a piece of wood and put it on top of the table.

            Best idea: Using vanilla infused vodka to soak the raisins overnight

            Most dissapointing: Some of the liqor leaked out onto the tray, and I assume this is what left a lot of air in the strudel. Also, the pastry was quite... bland.

            any tips for spicing the pastry up? Icing sugar in the dough maybe?