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Aug 11, 2009 05:23 AM

Sycamore in Landsdowne?

Anyone been to this new BYOB? Menu sounds great- but looking for feedback.

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  1. I went last week and was hoping the restaurant would be good since most of Delco is lacking in decent BYOBs. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. My husband and I each order an appetizer, entree and desert. The artisanal cheese plate was my favorite part of the meal. Along with the cheeses, it included cognac soaked raisins and honey, which was a delicious touch. Our server was knowledge about the cheeses they offered. My husband had the tomato fennel soup to start which we enjoyed. My steak was delicous and our deserts (molten chocolarte cake and blueberry crisp w/ strawberry ice cream) were phenomenal. I would recommend trying this place and supporting local business.

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      Grew up in Lansdowne and my mom still lives there. Where in the world in Lansdowne is this place? It sounds to un-lansdowne!

      1. re: Schpsychman

        It's on Lansdowne Ave. a few doors south of the Baltimore Pike.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Wow! That's right up the street from where my mom lives (Wildman Arms Condo's) and VERY surprising that it's right in town. That's great, I hope it helps to revive the scene in that area!

      2. re: sarod25

        Goodness, what a godsend. I have to be around there pretty often and while I love Pica's, I can't east wheat/flour these days. (No pizza, no pasta = very sad Mawrter at Pica's) Landsowne is endlessly fascinating and foreig to me, so a nice excuse to get a clue there. TYVM!

        1. re: sarod25

          Full agreement. We were there last night with a good-size group, for my niece's graduation. Service was excellent, and the food top-notch. Cumin-dusted lamb, cooked just right, was my meal; my wife enjoyed the seared scallops. Others liked the deboned & stuffed chicken (to the extent that I never got a bite). And yes, the cheese platter appy was quite wonderful, and fully described: triple-creme brie, manchego, an outstanding blue - and a chicken pate with pistachio crust that I *thoroughly* enjoyed. - and more -
          The place is small, and a bit loud - but I think the 12 of us were contributing to the volume. And, if you don't know Lansdowne, you can drive right by looking for it - - twice. ;-)