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Aug 11, 2009 05:18 AM

Best pizza in NYC that's sold by the slice?

I'll be in the City in a few weeks and would like to hit some of the better pizzerias in town but I know some of them only sell whole pizzas. I'll be alone so I'd rather find some places that sell by the slice. I know Patsy's does and would like suggestions on others. Also advice on when to go, if possible, to avoid long lines. Thanks.

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  1. DiFara. Take the Q train to Ave J. It's a block from there. Go for lunch on a weekday to avoid the crazy lines.

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        Excuse me, but Brooklyn (and the Bronx and Queens and Staten Island) are part of New York City. If the OP was only interested in Manhattan, he would have asked on the Manhattan board.

    1. Joe's pizza off of bleeker street on 6th ave is a great slice

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      1. You may fare better searching and/or posting the Manhattan and Brooklyn boards.
        Off the top of my head Artichoke's Sicilian slice has huge fans (but is also divisive).

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          Actually here's an old thread about this that recently got revived...