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Cupid's Hot Dogs MIA

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I've been trying to find a Cupid's to review for the Hot Dog Spot blog, but they appear to be dropping like flies. Van Nuys, Panorama City and Northridge are all gone according to the phone book. Sherman Oaks' phone is a fax machine now. Is Tarzana still there? Have we lost Cupids?


Link: http://www.hotdogspot.com

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  1. There used to be one on Vanowen east of Winnetka, also one on Lindley south of Nordhoff near CSUN. Don't know if either or both are still there.

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      Yup, both still there

    2. Last I checked, the Tarzana shop was still there.

      1. Van Nuys (Victory/Tyrone) is gone *snif*. Northridge (Lindley/Nordhoff) still there - ate there last week. Reseda (Vanowen/east of Winnetka) still there - drove by a couple of weeks ago.
        By Tarzana - do you mean the "fake" one (sells sausages, fries, burgers) on Ventura/Tampa? I am pretty sure it is still there. There is also another in Newhall on Soledad Canyon behind Route 66 restaurant.

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          Steve Doggie-Dogg

          Maybe the Northridge store changed its phone number. I called and a person who barely spoke English said it wasn't Cupid's any more... it's Thai food now.

          Today, I drove out to Tarzana to try the Wienery... review to come soon on Hot Dog Spot... and on the way back, I stopped at the Cupid's next to the Car Wash on Ventura Bl and ordered a dog...


          I'll try driving out to Northridge next week. I want to give them a second chance before relegating them to the lower levels of hell with Pinks.

          See ya

          Link: http://www.hotdogspot.com

          1. re: Steve Doggie-Dogg

            Steve, please, please, please do not judge all Cupids by the one on Ventura. Any true Cupids fan knows that this is not the original. True Cupids sell only hot dogs, chips and soda. Period. Please let me know when you plan on doing the Northridge one and I will join you if I am available.
            Thanks, Lisa

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              The one next to the Tarzana Car Wash is owned by the Tarzana Car Wash. That may have something to do with it. A few years ago we became friendly with Mary, the former manager of the stand. One day we caught her mixing the chili and the main ingredient was tamale sauce with a dose of flour.

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                Very interesting...

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                  The original Pink's chili recipe is XLNT brick chili, water, flour and beaten egg.

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                Yeah, the Tarzana Cupid's is weak...for hot dogs, but the kebab ain't half bad.

            2. I'm curious to see how the shops in the Valley are doing. The location below was awful.

              Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                is the simi one that sells additional items, or an original - just hot dogs, chips and soda? if it sells additional items, then yes, they are going downhill. I have found that those locations have a very different tasting chili. If it is an original, then they are the same that they have always been as far back as I can remember (mid-70's).

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                  Hard to recall for sure, but I think that all they had were dogs, condiments for the dogs, chips, and drinks. But it's a relatively new location--five years old or so--in a strip mall.

              2. There is a Cupid's in Torrance, right next to the Rolling Hills AMC 20,

                Cupid's Hot Dog's-Crunch & Cream
                (310) 534-8100
                2599 Airport Dr
                Torrance, CA 90505

                1. Last time I looked there was one at Hollywood & Highland, sorta hidden in the back.

                  1. There's probably still the one over on Sepulveda near LAX. Posted about it a couple of years back.

                    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                      The one on Sepulveda near LAX has been closed for a long time.

                    2. Good news Cupid fans. The Nordoff/Lindley/CSUN stand is alive and well. I ate there this evening 11/27/04 after dropping my son, who is attending University in Washington, off at Bob Hope(Burbank) airport.

                      The dogs were just as good as I remembered... Price is $2.00 ea. Everything is as it was, including the menu. They are NOT listed in the telephone book. Cupid's is open 10AM-10PM everyday, except major holidays.


                      1. Great news! Cupids hot dog stand @ Nordoff /Lindley/CSUN is alive and well! I ate there Saturday night 11/27/04. Stand, menu, quality and service are exactly as they have always been. Dogs are $2.00. Also serve just chips and drinks. Their telephone number is not listed. They are open 10AM-10PM except on major holidays.


                        1. I used to love the one on Vanowen near Winnetka - and I'm pretty sure it's still there.

                          That said, the currents owners are doing the place a major disservice. That place is worn and tire-looking. Badly needs paint, cleaning, etc. I believe the owner is stil the Walsh family, but the dad is gone and now it's run by the son - who is letting it run into the ground. So sad.

                          I wonder - I remember back in the '60's the son (Rick?) couldn't work at Cupids - he had long blond hair and his dad didn't want no hippies working at his precious Cupids. Maybe now that the father is no longer with us - this is Rick is letting the place go. Rick DID used to work at Smokey Joe's Pit BBQ in Tarzana (no longer there). Which, interestingly enough, was owned by Bob Spivak - who started The Grill in Beverly Hills, and all the Daily Grills.

                          Rick - get it together!

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                            Conveniently located around the corner from Candy Cat.....remember it well. :-)

                          2. Someone asked where the original Cupid's stand was. It was on the northeast corner of the convergence of Tujunga, Lankershim, Burbank Blvd. I ate there frequently until it was torn down (in the late 1950's I think) and a Denny's Coffee Shop was built there. The Tarzana stand is ghastly, don't bother, it's not a family owned operation and the owner seems to want to sell everything anybody could want. The Vanowen stand (just east of Winnetka) is authentic but is sometimes stingy on the condiments. Lindley just south of Nordhoff is authentic and good. There is also Cupid's location (in a strip mall) on the east side of Topanga Canyon Blvd just south of Lassen. This location is also not a family owned store and I've found the quality "variable"here. I understand there is a location in Simi Valley and one opened and closed in Palmdale a few years back. A few years ago some of my high school buddies and I arranged to meet at the Cupid's Stand on the corner of Victory Blvd and Tyrone for a "nostalgia dog". After lunch I shot a photo of the stand (See the photo). . A couple of weeks later I was driving east on Victory Blvd. and when I passed Tyrone I was stunned to see that the stand was gone.

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                              Hi SummaChow. Welcome to Chowhound. I see that this is your first post so I wanted to say hello and, if you come back to see if anyone answered your post to ask if you have ever been to Fab Hot Dogs in the SFV (since you seem to like the Dog world)? I linked it below and if you go the link to see the information about it scroll down to the bottom of that page and you will see all the posts about Fab's there. Also, since I note that you came upon and commented on a post that was made in 2004 you might want to go to the main Los Angeles Chowhound page here: http://chowhound.com/boards/2 to see current posts under discussion.

                              If you want to ask any other questions or to comment about Chowhound as a site there is the Site Talk board here: http://chowhound.com/boards/30 as well as a host of boards that cover food and other food related topics (including both Home Cooking and Home Gardening) across the US and around the world.

                              Fab Hot Dogs (location as of May 2010
                              )19417 Victory Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

                            2. I sent a copy of my post about Cupid's to my sister. She replied saying wouldn't it be great to post a photo of a Cupid's dog rather than just a photo of a Cupid's stand. I thought it was a pretty good idea. It took me a couple of days to get around to it, but today I went to the Cupid's stand on the south side of Vanowen just east of Winnetka and shot a couple of photos of my lunch. I'm posting one of those photos here.

                              1. I have been eating at Cupids since the early 60's. Live in Sacramento area now but still go down to L.A. a few times a year and eat them while there. There is also a cupids in Bend Oregon, and in Placerville California, there is a hot dog place named shoestrings that has cupids hot dogs and the chili. The owner is a relative of the cupids family. Very same quality as the ones in Northridge, which is still there.

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                                  How interesting! I think they should be EVERYWHERE since they are so damn good! I will be having some when I head to Northridge to get my hair cut on Saturday - cannot wait!! I also get some to go and have the quadruple wrap them... that chili is messy!! ;-)

                                  1. re: twwilco1

                                    I'm so glad I found this site!

                                    I've been craving Cupid's chili dogs for years! I moved out of state and would really appreciate the phone number for either of these Cupid's Hot Dogs if you have it. Last time I came home for a visit, I couldn't find Cupid's at all. The chili dogs on the east coast are nothing like Cupids (tastes like beans and catchup).

                                    I just found a copycat recipe online (http://www.recipelink.com/mf/14/34748), but haven't tested it, yet.

                                    If you have the phone number for this Cupid's, would you please post it for me? My sister has been looking for it as well.

                                    Thank you so much!

                                      1. re: Phia

                                        The Northridge Cupids does not have a phone number, but I know they open everyday until 10pm, maybe later on Fri & Sat.

                                        I don't care for their chili but the hot dog itself is very good.

                                    1. 9/18/2012 A new Cupid's Hot Dog Stand opened last week in the same general area as the old Van Nuys Cupid's Stand (the Southwest corner of Victory Blvd. at Tyrone Street about 4 blocks east of Van Nuys Blvd. on Victory). I've been to this new location twice since the opening.

                                      I lived a few blocks from the original Cupid's Hot Dog Stand which was on the Northwest corner of Burbank Blvd. and Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood. Eating at the stand was a family tradition for my parents and my brothers and sister. I'm sure I was eating 'Cupid's' as soon as I could consume solid food. Today, I went to the new location for the second time. It was a challenge to delay eating my lunch before I photographed it, but I rose to the challenge.

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                                          Yes, The Cupid's Dog (mustard, Onions, Chili) is just like the other family operated stands / stores. They offer all the other combinations & permutations, but I've never eaten anything but the original Cupid's (and I don't think I ever will). I noticed that they have added the option of sourkraut at this location, it wasn't tempting for me. There wasn't a line but there was a fairly constant flow of customers while I was there. The location is not as obvious as the free standing "Stands" so it may take awhile for the lines to return to this corner, but once the clerks at the courthouse and the police see that the location is open, the lines will begin forming. (I hated it when the court clerks would bring all the jury panels to the old stand).

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                                                Sorry! Had not gotten that far down yet!