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Aug 11, 2009 04:55 AM

cheap kendall square parking tips?

We tried Emma's for the first time last night for our Monday night cheap-eats and really enjoyed it. Very good pizza (half cherry tomato/garlic, half sausage, kalamata and carmelized onions). Really nice, low-key server. All in all, a pleasant night out.

We ended up parking in the garage at the cinema, and paying $10 because we didn't see any empty street parking. Does anyone have tips for near-by street parking?

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  1. You can get validation for that Garage at both the cinema and some of the restaurants in Kendall Square. I think the rate is better if you get it from the restaurants, at least I think I remember that when I validated at Blue Room, it was cheaper than when I validated at the cinema. I'm not sure which restaurants validate other than Blue Room.

    1. I often find an empty metered spot on Broadway in front of The Garment District. More metered spots on what I believe is called Fulkerson Street (off of Binney St) just down the road from the cinema lot.

      1. Usually a decent amount of parking around Main Street, which is a few blocks south.

        1. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I guess we just have to branch out, especially to Main, Broadway and Fulkerson. I was surprised at all of the meters in the immediate area being full at 6:30 on a Monday, so we just headed to the garage. Chris, I think garage validation is just for the businesses in 1 Kendall, and Emma's is not directly in that building. We're planning on heading to Cambridge Brewing and The Friendly Toast soon, so we'll ask about validation.