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Aug 11, 2009 04:28 AM

A week in Normandy - recs please!

We are spending a week in Normandy (Manche region). Can anyone please help with local restaurant recommendations, markets or local food we should just not miss? We will be cooking at home a fair bit so any local specialities?

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    1. Where exactly are you going? if you around the Avranches area try Le Moulin de Jean in Cuves, L' Archerie near Villedieu les Poeles, Auberge Du Terroir in Servon, Le Croix D'or in Avranches, Le Littre in Avranches, Le Surcouf in Cancale and for the best real French experience ( not for the food which is quite good but only grilled barbecued meats ) but for a great and inexpensive experience try Chez Francois in Genets! If you are going elsewhere and need particular suggestions let me know- We've had a house there for 10 years so should be able to help. Villedieu market is great fun. Make sure you try the local Calvados ( go to Bernard Legent in Tirepied for tasting- another of the great experiences which i can give you directions if you need!) and of course Moules and frites and oysters in Cancale.

      Bon Appetit !! i'm jealous already



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        Thanks for this - we are staying just south of Vire (Gathemo) so quite near Avranches I guess? will definitely look up those other recommendatinos - happy to travel for good food!

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          Also forgot to mention L''archerie near Villedieu - better in winter though as they have the fire going!

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            Just got back from Normandy and have to say a big thank you for the recommendation for Moulin de Jean - it turned out to be only a ten minute drive from where we were staying. We loved it so much we went back a couple of nights later! The food was fantastic - pigs trotter stuffed with black pudding being the highlight of the meal, and the staff were very charming, and we thought very good value.
            We tried for lunch at Le Croix D'or but unfortunately arrived at half two so they had shut the kitchen, but managed to get in to Le Littre for a mixed salad and quiche lorraine which was great - and such lovely staff. Tried plenty of the local cider and goats cheese from the farm up the road.Would have loved to tried many other places but ran out of time.

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              Delighted to hear you enjoyed Le Moulin- you may have heard already but it was originally set up by Jean Christophe Novelli so the chefs I think trained under him- it's one of our favourites!!

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                You are right about the Jean Christophe Novelli connection - after our first meal (and mentioning we were from the UK) the waiter took us through to the kitchen to meet the chef who did indeed train under Novelli.

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          Merci for your offer to help in Normandy! We are going overnight from Paris in a few weeks, just a one-day tour (Battlebus) of the D-Day beaches, overnighting at Hotel Tardif in Bayeux. Would love to walk to a lovely place for dinner. The inn recommends La Rapiere, do you agree? We are mid-50s, love food and wine, budget flexible. Don't care about fancy, but prefer adult, not family/tourist atmosphere (don't we all?!) Thanks.

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            Bayeux is a lovely town, especially to walk around and explore - if you love meat, try Le Table de Terroir (quite near the cathedral).