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Aug 11, 2009 03:22 AM

Is there such a thing as a decent plain soy yogurt?

Despite my eating a pretty decent diet, my cholesterol and LDL are still elevated. So I am going to try the Mark Bittman diet - vegan breakfast and lunch, then don't go crazy at dinner. I love whole sheep's milk yogurt though. is there any type of soy yogurt that is relatively OK? But no way I will give up cheese - a life without cheese (like an unexamined life) is not a life worth living

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  1. I've always found soy yogurt and ice cream to be kind of yuck, though vanilla soy milk is ok. Have you tried trader joes yet? They are very vegan friendly. What about fage total 0% fat yogurt? It's not vegan but no fat... so that must be good for you....

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      I'm not a soy person, but I had to cut sugar out of my diet and have been pleasantly surprised by how good Stonyfield Farm plain nonfat yogurt tastes - it took about two weeks for my taste buds to adjust, and now it tastes great - if you add cut up cherries it's practically decadent...

    2. If you can get your hands on Liberté non-fat organic yogourt, you should give it a try. It's surprisingly good. As for soy yogourt. I've never had one that didn't taste weird. I think they taste like dirt.

      1. I have found a couple decent soy ice cream treats, but so far have not cared for any of the soy yogurts I've tried. Good luck with your cholestorol! :)