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Aug 10, 2009 11:55 PM

Japanese wagyu steaks in chicago?

I have tried the American Wagyu steaks from Saloon and Yoshi's Cafe. I thought the one at Saloon was underwhelming, but the one at Yoshi's Cafe was very tender, but certainly not to the level of "melt in your mouth" tender as what I have read from people who have tried the real thing.

Where in Chicago can you get real Japanese Wagyu steaks? I have heard mixed reviews from Ajasteak's version, which is 18 dollars per oz. When I went to TRU last time, I also saw it on their menu - but it was much more expensive than the one in Ajasteaks (around $26 per oz I think) - and I didn't try it that time. Any idea on the quality of those Wagyu steaks or where else I may have luck?

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  1. L2O has a wagyu main on the prix fixe menu. Never had it, not sure if they are still serving it either.

    1. The preparation might not be what you are looking for, but check this place out for some serious beef:

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        I've only had the wagyu in the shabu shabu at Chiyo (because my companions wanted it). With that kind of meat, poaching is not the best treatment for it. You can get it seared in the regular beef entree. Anyway, Chiyo's wagyu comes from Washington state. So it is American wagyu, and not ones from Japan as OP was asking for.

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          thanks for the recs.

          i love chiyo. it is my to-go place when i want shabu shabu or nabe. but i always just get the prime beef. maybe i'll try the american wagyu next time.

          but as ms. chow said, i'm most interested in trying japanese-imported wagyu in its seared-steak form. i've read about the wagyu at L2O on kevineats. though according to him, gras gets the less-marbled wagyu. i think i might end up doing the a la carte at TRU.

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            I did the upgrade to Kobe at L2O and while expensive, it was awesome. I figured why not, since it was probably my only shot at eating real Kobe. If you want to try your luck at home, check out this site:


            And the best American version I've ever had can be found here: