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Aug 10, 2009 10:23 PM

Best Bets between Woodinville & Snoqualmie

Howdy PNW Chowhounds!

I'm good on the isthmus, but I don't know the eastside very well, so I'm hoping someone can help out-

My in-laws are going to be in town this weekend, and we're going to do the tourist circuit to Snoqualmie Falls and the Woodinville Wineries on Sunday.

Can anyone recommend any great places to eat near the Falls, in Woodinville, or reasonably close to a line between those two places?

Nothing fancy please, otherwise anything will do -- something really "Pacific Northwest"-y (whatever that means) gets extra points.


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    1. re: mingm

      Russell's is really nice. They have a great Happy Hour as well. A beautiful and elegant restaurant, still fairly reasonable.

      For a world famous burger (literally) go to Teddy's. http://teddysbiggerburgers.com/_wsn/p...

      1. re: mingm

        The Purple Cafe is great, and very Pacific Northwest. Excellent wine list!

      2. I love Pomegranate Bistro - actually more Redmond than Woodinville, but maybe hit it on your way in or out of Woodinville. In North Bend there is a place called the RiverBend Cafe that is suppose to be really good. I haven't made it there myself yet but plan on it next time I'm out that way. Both places are very casual. Have fun!

        1. Thanks, all -- I think we'll either do Purple or the Red Hook Brewery (since I think we're touring anyway).

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