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Aug 10, 2009 09:25 PM

Tips for growing spaghetti squash?

So I planted dried seeds from a spaghetti squash and now have about six thriving plants. One already has a small squash growing. I've read some info indicating I should have the plants growing on a trellis and then fashion a sling from pantyhose to cradle the heavy fruit. Can I just let it grow on the ground like my other squash? Also, I understand there is some sort of curing I need to do after harvesting the spaghetti squash? How do I do this? Please help. We're looking mighty forward to having spaghetti squash this fall...


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  1. I don't grow spaghetti squash since we prefer other varieties of winter squash. Mine just sprawl on the ground. Last year I was at first disappointed by how dry Confection was. It was sweet, like we wanted, but very, very dry. It simply needed to "cure". We pick the squash when the stems have started to wither. We have room in our garage to lay them around on the floor to let them dry further. After a couple of weeks my husband put them in a box under his basement workbench (we live in NH). The basement is heated because of a wood furnace but it doesn't get too warm and the bench is near the doors to outside. Last winter he used a cardboard box but I think this was a mistake since the cardboard can get damp. A wooden or plastic box would be preferable. Curing simple means letting the squash continue to dry. We need to bring ours in before a frost but they can stay outside in dry weather.

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      Thanks! I'm so excited for the fall to come so I can eat that squash...

    2. My plants sprawl, but DW said the squash shouldn't be on the ground. I didn't think it was worth arguing about,so I put a hunk of wood underneath the spaghetti squash. (The other kinds had to suffer on their own.) They all did well.