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Aug 10, 2009 09:01 PM

Trying something new on eat street (or nearby) (MPLS)

Hey all - It's been awhile since I posted a restaurant need to this board, but you're always so helpful... My boyfriend and I are looking to try a new place on eat street this Wednesday. Nearby would be acceptable as well, but trying to stay away from Uptown annoyances.

We'll eat just about anything as long as it's yummy, new to our palettes and accompanied by a good wine & beer selection (I'm a wino and he loves new beers).

We've been to & enjoyed Jasmine, Pancho Villa, Christo's, every hole-in-the-wall Pho place, and that Mexican place near downtown...

Have has less than great meals at Bad Waitress, Rainbow Chinese and Azia.

Any new places or hidden treasures I should be checking out? Is Black Forrest a waste of money or a cheap trip to Germany? How's Peninsula?

Thanks - Sarah

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  1. Peninsula is generally very good - they make their own tofu, and i believe other non-meat proteins. and if your grease tolerance is fairly high dont pass on the roti channi, a delicious flaky pastry pancake thing with a side of tasty curry.

    A la salsa is supposed to be pretty good too (i had a spanish prof i once had, who was from mexico, said it was her favorite - and its a good bit more authentic than pancho villa).

    Edit: re read your post and i think a la salsa is "that mexican place near downtown".

    1. hi Sarah,

      the food at black forest is imo kind of mediocre, but some hounds have found a few gems on the menu that i'm sure they'll let you know about--*however*-- the beer garden at the BF is really nice, especially in late summer! your boyfriend should love it and you can sample rieslings or something. . . i'd say the place is worth a stop at least for a couple mugs of beer and an app in the beer garden. i think they have a good happy hour, hmm must be really good, because i can't remember the details! :)

      peninsula's menu is *huge* and unfortunately i've sampled some duds on the menu when i've dined in large groups there. the standout on the menu for me is anything with the to-die-for, house-made tofu--loved the "queen's tofu" dish last time. i also like to sit where i can watch the chefs masterfully stretch and cook the huge malaysian roti (thin) pancakes, which they do in the front of their 1/2 open kitchen (the roti appetizer, for $3.95, is delicious). i don't recall either the wine or beer list being very impressive at peninsula, but iirc they had a full bar as well as an extensive n/a//bubble tea menu. peninsula is definitely worth a stop, and the food can be great if you know what to order.

      1. Sarah, I absolutely love Ganchen. It's become my favorite Asian restaurant. I've never had a bad meal there and it's very reasonably priced. Plus they have a great happy hour, 2 for 1 bottle beer from 4 - 7pm and 10 - 2 am. I've brought many friends and everyone loves it. Their curries are the best, and their noodle dishes are great as well. I also love the fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce.

        1833 Nicollet Ave

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          Second Gangchen. The egg drop soup (of all things) is fantastic, and everything with cranberries in it is awesome.

        2. I would have suggested Harry Singh's Original Caribbean, except that they do not serve alcohol. I was there on Saturday and ordered the Jerk Chicken Roti; husband had the Curry Chicken Roti. Both had fantastic flavor and were hot as h***.

          I agree with the others who said that Black Forest is a beer garden "must," but not much of a food destination otherwise.

          I think Gangchen stands out from the other Asian restaurants on Eat Street because of their Tibetan dishes, such as the Tibetan Traditions Momo.

          Black Forest Inn
          1 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

          Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant
          2653 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          1. I really like Black Forest. I go for the pate app or the dish with kidneys in it. Both are great.