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Aug 10, 2009 08:45 PM

Good ginger beer selection in northeastern MA/southern NH?

I'm looking for a local source for Regatta's Ginger Beer - I'm in Lowell, so the closer to me the better. I'd like to avoid driving out to Julio's in Westboro to get it. :-)

I'm also on the hunt for places with a good ginger beer selection...something that is not Vernors or Reed's. Any pointers? Trader Joe's Tyngsboro only carries Reed's. The Liquor Shop in Tyngsboro has Barritt's in cans, which I just purchased and will try. But that's the only kind they carry. I'd love to find a place that carries 3 or more brands regularly.


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  1. Harrington Wine and Liquors in Chelmsford carries Saranac Ginger Beer which I like a lot. I’ve also purchased another brand there in cans; it could have been Barritts. I’m not sure if they carry anything else but the Saranac would be worth a try if you haven’t already.

    I’d love to try Regatta so I hope we find a source near the MA/NH border.

    1. Do you know where I can find Vernors in MA or really anywhere in NE?

      1. I recently picked up a 6-pack of Gosling's Ginger Beer at my local Stop & Shop in CT - it's a lot better IMO than Vernors or Reed's, nicely spicy and not too sweet. It's made by Polar, I think, so should be readily available in MA/NH too.

        1. If you want a nice alcoholic ginger beer, try Atlantic Breweries, Bar Harbor, Me's, Ginger Ale; pairs very well w/ Asian cuisine.

          1. Crabbies Ginger Beer is sold at McKinnons Market. (Ma and Salem, NH, $10 a four pack.) Also available at The Irish Pub off Route 93 in Methuen.

            (Store in Portsmouth, Main-ly New Hampshire, supposedly sells another brand.)

            Goslings web site has a locator, closest distributor is Connecticut.