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Aug 10, 2009 08:41 PM

Looking for: Regatta's Ginger Beer

I am on the hunt for Regatta's Ginger Beer. The only place I know of that has it is Julio's Liquors on Route 9 in Westboro. I'd rather not drive all the way out there. Any more local sources?


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  1. stop n shop on squire road in revere usually has regatta ginger beer

    1. Kappys in Wellington Circle
      Stop and Shop In Somerville
      I have seen it a bunch of other places too.

      You think it's hard to find? Try to locate the Diet... :)

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      1. re: ac106

        Have you found the diet? Where...where???

      2. Just bought a 4-pack at the fresh pond liquor store next to Whole Foods. It was in the back, on a bottom shelf opposite the beer cooler.