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Aug 10, 2009 08:11 PM

2nd Tier Restaurant ideas NYC (esp Lincoln Center /West side)

Coming to NYC for a week in late September from San Francsico and looking for some good, interesting and still popular restaurants that do not cost a fortune (husband is one of those professions stalled out by this recession!) Have looked up some of the ones I was targeting and they are either very expensive (Scarpetta, Blue Hill, Corton, dbgb kitchen) or don't take reservations (Co.).

One of my all time favorites is Lupa (great food, fun, lively) which is a great place for the price and I also like Otto, though have not been there for a while. We will certainly get to Lupa.....other suggestions for some second tier, less pricey places of any cuisine?? Would especially be interested in ones decently accessible Lincoln Center area where we will staying so we are not running around all over the city (so easy to do there!)

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  1. What's the most you are willing to spend including tax, tip, and drinks?

    1. Three things.
      First - Kathryn is always one of the most helpful folks here so answer her q's and she will likely give you a lot to think about.
      Second - I am liking the UWS area north of Lincoln Sq more and more lately and have a recent thread about it here:

      Finally - The 1 line subway has two stops nearby that are almost too convenient not to take advantage of. Yesterday I had a pizza at Keste in the Village and in 15 minutes I has drinking a frozen hot chocolate from Jacque Torres on Amsterdam Ave and buying cookies from Levain on W. 74th st.

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        Thanks Kathryn and Seal. Would like to be more in the $120 than the $250 range for dinner. Would prefer entrees inthe $20's rather than $30's so we can have more dinners out and go to more plays! Cheaper fine of course too. My only limit is standing in line; we like reservations so we don't get too hungry and cranky trying to eat when everyone else wants to.

        Am primarily used to staying on the east side and taking the Lexington Ave subway, but sometimes realize at 7 pm after a busy day of being out that that my plan to have dinner at some out of the way place (Love Prune, but it is not that easy to get to) is not being met with enthusiasm by my husband who is not as much of a foodie and would love to just walk somewhere 0-15 minutes away and eat!

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          That's a good call -- going up to the 70s and 80s. Maybe a slightly longer walk than anticipated, but there's a lot of good stuff up there these days. Though not every place up there takes reservations, but Cesca, Dovetail, Fatty Crab, Kefi, Mermaid Inn, Ouest, Telepan, and West Branch all do.

          1. re: kathryn

            Close to Lincoln Center In the 60's, I'd add Bar Boulud and Nougatine. Both take reservations.


            1. re: kathryn

              Thank you! Will check them out. Also have wanted to check out the jazz club Smoke again which is up in that direction also.

              Some of the no-reservation restaurants in SF will add you to the wait list if you call them as you are on your way. Is that a NY custom also?

              1. re: sfdoc

                I've rarely found that to be the case here. They want to see you in the flesh before adding your name to the list.

          2. telepan is running a $35 for three courses special through august. i'm sure they'll have another promotion by the time you get here. i like the place a lot. it's a short walk to lincoln center.
            here's a link:

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              Thanks all. PERFECT suggestions and just what I wanted. We will eat well and hubbie will be happy not to be dragged all over town!