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Aug 10, 2009 08:02 PM

Any recommendations for old fashioned lobster dinners??

My daughter is nostalgic for Montauk-style lobsters either broiled or steamed. Can anyone suggest Manhattan restos which can provide such a retro experience? I was considering the Palm (surf & turf) but wonder if there are any primarily seafood spots around.

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    1. Funny, I read the first line of your post and thought "he should go to the Palm." You already figured that out though. I would highly recommend you do just that. The lobster there is always excellent - really among the best I have had in the city.

      1. Go to The Water Club. For lunch or dinner, they put on a great lobster.

        1. This place has come up a few times because the people say that it is a bit frozen in time and not too expensive for lobster:

          Francisco's Centro Vasco

          Rating Avg. Dinner Entrée$$$$$ Greater than $25
          $$$$ $18.01 - $25
          $$$ $12.01 - $18
          $$ $7.01 - $12
          $ Less than $7
          * Seafood, Spanish
          * 159 W 23rd StNew York 10011
          * (Btwn 6th & 7th Ave)

          1. Looked at the websites of water club, centro vasco & ed's lobster bar. They look perfect. Now to narrow down the choices. Vasco seems to offer lots of bang for the buck. Water Club looks like a fine dining experience & Ed's seems like a more down home, Montaukish place. Thanks for all the good info!

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              Don't be off-put by The Water Club's elegant website. It is fine dining, but not as expensive as other restaurants in its class.

              One word of warning: the biggest complaint I hear about the Water Club is that service is slow. This is intentional, but not everyone likes that. Some have also complained to me that the Maitre d' is "mean." He's not, really. He just takes himself waaay too seriously.