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Aug 10, 2009 07:22 PM

saving garden from slugs....NEXT year

I have had a real infestation of slugs this year. they have ravished my lettuces, cabbage and cauliflower.

is there anything I can do this fall to prevent this problem next year? I did not have this problem last year.


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  1. I don't know anything about preventive treatment. I think the best thing is to go out every day on snail patrol.

    1. I use a couple of 40# bags of deadline blue pellets every year. Animals won't touch the stuff. I will never get rid of all the snails and slugs but I keep them under control.

      Be sure to go after them in September and October before winter. Will make for a better spring. Also hit them a couple of weeks after a nice application and kill. You need to get the next generation that has hatched. Kill them young before they have thousands of babies. Then keep killing, killing and killing. Application before a rain on a warm summer night is a perfect time, they will all come out to play and you can give them a taste of the blue death!

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        What are "deadline blue pellets"?

      2. Slug and snail pellets produced by Deadline. I get them a local farm supply place. Small blue pellets, last for weeks, animals don't mess with them.

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          You say "animals don't mess with them." But if a cat or dog walked through it, got it on their feet, licked their feet, what then?

        2. I have found that the best slug-and-snail abatement program is to go out with a flashlight every night for a couple of weeks and kill as many of the critters as you can. I did this after my string bean seedlings kept getting chomped by these disgusting gastropods. Very low tech: wearing gardening gloves, I picked them up one by one and tossed them into a small bucket of soapy water. After surprisingly short time there was a noticeable diminution in numbers, and I haven't had any troubles since.

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          1. re: jlafler

            "go out with a flashlight every night for a couple of weeks and kill as many of the critters as you can"

            Amen. That is the only approach that has worked for me to control the snails. Have tried Sluggo, copper, beer, but nothing works better than hand-picking with a flashlight at night.

          2. I would rather not use bait, but I have no choice, to many plants and to many snails. When I run into them I love to toss them into the street, they make a nice crunch when cars run over them.

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