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Aug 10, 2009 06:53 PM

Help on canning and preserving methods...

Can anyone recommend good sites, blogs, or books to learn about canning. I don't need to be an expert but at least be able to make pickled peppers, can pears, can peaches, cucumbers, and maybe make a few jams like apricot, apple, mango and strawberry.

I feel so overwhelmed right now but I am really trying to take control and ownership over what I eat and I thought this would help on the budget and piece of mind of knowing how it was made. (yeah that was a really long sentence...LOL)


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  1. Spend some time on this site and you will learn all you need to know. They offer a free course.

    1. Along with the excellent site Miss Marg suggested....This Book

      It is sold in many places!

      Have Fun!!!

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        How could I forget that book????? :-)

        1. re: margshep

          You didn't forget....You were just momentarily distracted! ;-)

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          Yes, I love the Ball Blue Book - use it all the time! I think mine was included with the Ball water bath canning kit I purchased, but I've also seen them all over, used bookstores etc. I got something like this:
          although you don't need the kit if you have a big stock pot etc.

          Also, for simple pectin based jams, the recipes are included in the insert that comes when you buy a box of pectin.

        3. For something a little different this book is great:

          Lot's of quirky methods for preserving food. Sometimes multiple ways to do the same thing. One that I want to try someday involves packing apples in dried elderberry flowers - apparently they taste like pineapple afterwards.

          With that it mind the Ball Blue book is great. Also call your county or university extension office they will have info relevent to common produce in your area.

          1. (in Paula Deen's voice) "Thanks, Ya'll"

            There are a lot of great tips and links. I am going to pickup the Ball Blue Book at Ace Hardware to read.

            Thanks MARGSHEP for sharing the UGA website; its great and I have that bookmarked.

            If anyone else stumbles on this thread they may also want to check out Ball's website :

            1. Another popular site from a canning jar company: