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Aug 10, 2009 06:51 PM

Anchorage Restaurant

Need a great restuarant near the Westin Hotel in Anchorage.

Good food and nice view!

Any ideas

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  1. The two excellent downtown restaurants with views are the Crows Nest, at the top of Captain Cook Hotel (a beautiful view of the city), and Simon and Seaforts (beautiful lakeside view). I have had wonderful (and memorable) food at both and consider the Crows Nest my number 1 choice. Simon and Seaforts is open for Lunch and Dinner, and the Crows Nest is only open for Dinner.

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      You know, after I posted this I realized you said Westin Hotel, where in Anchorage is the Westin? I even looked it up and couldn't find it. I remember that the Prince Hotel in Girdwood used to be a Westin but it isn't anymore. There must be a new hotel that I am not aware of.

      1. re: DishDelish

        Sorry, Sheranton Hotel!!

        Is simon and seaforts walking distance?

        thank you for the information. we were going to seven glaciers until i read 45 minute drive!

        1. re: Loradio

          Both restaurants are in the downtown area , simons is 4 - maybe 5 blocks and is the furthest. Not a bad walk though as long as its not raining.. Both have fairly good food. Simons is a little more tourist driven - but has a great view of the ocean and mountains.
          . Sunday Brunch in the Sheraton is nice and has a cool view. Snow City Cafe is downtown and has GREAT breakfast.
          Tell me a little about what you are looking for - local seafood, local atmoshphere, comfort food , fine dining etc??
          Also what time of year will you be here? If you have access to a car I can highly reccomend the drive to Girdwood and the Double Musky or Seven Glaciers.

          1. re: coastie

            Don't let the the 45-minute drive scare you off -- it's one of the most scenic drives in the country. Drop dead gorgeous route along Turnagain Arm. Nice highway with the strong probability of Dall sheep on one side and the slight possibility of beluga whales or a bore tide on the other (although beluga population is way down.)

            Simon and Seafort peaked about 1988. BTW, it's not a "lake" that's Cook Inlet it looks over. And the Crow's Nest offers much more than city views -- it's about 20 stories up and offers mountain and inlet view. Overpriced in my book, however. And -- on the roof of a hotel -- it's one of the more tourist driven places around -- but just about anyplace downtown is, except old school spots like Club Paris or Corsair and to a lesser degree the Marx Bros..

            Bottom line, though, if the city's fickle weather closes in you might has well eat in a Quonset hut ... but unfortunately since the Garden of Eatin' closed, well ...

            1. re: repete

              You are right, not a lake. I was writing my response at 1:40 in the morning probably one handed and nursing at the same time. =)

              Well that is too bad that you haven't had any great recent experiences there. I had some delicious food there 3 years ago for my anniversary, and I always think of the most amazing spinach salad I have ever had anywhere at Simons. Like I said though, Crows Nest is my fav. I have been to the Double Musky. They have an amazing steak and that is all I've had that is the best there. The view is great when you are driving out there as well but no view from the inside. The Crows Nest is not touristy, I'm sorry your experience (or experiences) was a bad one. Every experience of mine has been the best. In fact the first time I went there was almost 10 years ago and that was only for the most delicious coffee I have ever had and a wonderful piece of chocolate cake split by 3 of us. I was in college then. They treated us extremely well even though we did not order much at the time so I have great respect for them. I have since been there several more times and each experience has been amazing. My hubby and I ate there for our anniversary and we had some of the best food we've ever had in Anchorage together. The view is also amazing as I said before so if you want great food and an amazing view (while eating, not driving) this is the place to go.

              1. re: repete

                Garden of eatin - that place was a trip

                1. re: coastie

                  I don't recall that place. Where was it located?

                    1. re: coastie

                      What kind of food did they have and when did they shut down?

                  1. re: coastie

                    Coastie, my great aunt and uncle were Geraldine and John (Hans) Kirchner, the owners of The Garden of Eatin. I am searching for memorabilia as well as stories from people who went there. I would love to hear of your experiences there. I can be reached via e-mail at
                    Cyndi Brunnet

                2. re: coastie

                  "Simons is a little more tourist driven"

                  What's not tourist driven in down town Anchorage. I won't say Simon and Seaforts was the best meal I ever had but the food and service was very good with a nice view. Then again after two weeks in camp any thing hot, dry and bug free was bound to taste pretty darn good.
                  I can't recall the name of the place but we had some beer battered Halibut in Anchorage as well that was killer.
                  The Anchorage seafood and sausage company did an excellent job with what we dropped off for processing.

                  1. re: Fritter

                    NOT tourist driven and downtown....Club Paris...kumogoro, Marx Brothers. My experience for about 15 yrs at Simons has been mediocre food, good service - great view. Years ago the food was better( or I was a less experienced eater)

                    1. re: coastie

                      I've not been to Marx bro's ... but used to recommend it back during my concierge days since everyone I worked with raved about it. I even sent my parents there for their anniversary a while back, and my Mom ended up having dry over-cooked food. I felt so bad for sending her there. Needless to say I never ended up going there after her bad experience. Nowdays I am so busy with the kids so when my husband and I do go out for an expensive meal we don't want to be disappointed. Maybe I will make it there eventually, just not in the near future unless someone else is treating.

          2. We were in the Anchorage area in August 2009. A few reviews:

            Glacier Brewhouse: Excellent food, excellent beer. They told us there was a 60-minute wait for a table, so we (two of us) went to the bar and were seated there in about 15 minutes. Seafood and chicken dishes were both good.

            We also tried both the Double Musky and the Seven Glaciers in Girdwood, once on the way to Seward and then the other on the way back. Disappointed with both, for various reasons.

            Double Musky -- It's cute, crowded (in August) and the service was good. It's just that the portion sizes are, frankly, obscene. Twenty-oz. prime rib, 24-oz, steaks, etc. Two people should definitelty split entrees, but there is no indication of that when you prepare to order. I imagine a TON of food is thrown out of that place every night just because the plate sizes are so ridiculously huge. I thought the world-famous pepper steak was good, but not great.

            Seven Glaciers -- Wow, what a view. The food was exceptional, the view amazing ... and the service was absolutely atrocious. To start: We arrived at our stated reservation time, but had to wait almost 20 minutes for our table. Annoying, but we'll live with it. Then we ordered salads, which didn't come for 30 minutes. When they finally did come, they went to the wrong table. (The one next to us, and I had to politely correct the server that they were, in fact, ours.) Our dinners arrived in due time ... except mine was wrong. My wife's entree was correct, but I had ordered the king crab legs and was given some other seafood dish. I politely explained that I had ordered the crab legs. The server apologized, and I waited, and waited.,.... My wife ate, they apologized some more, and then they finally got me my dinner, just about time time my wife was finished. I was shocked at how poor everything ran, given the reputation. I saw another group of four get up and leave before ordering because everything was running so slowly. When I commented on our disaster to the manager on the way out, she politely explained that they had "some challenges" in the kitchen that night. So maybe we caught them on a bad night. Unfortunately, it was our only night there ... They did comp me a second glass of wine for my troubles, and offered free dessert, but everything was so slow and screwed up that we had to leave for the airport and couldn't have dessert. Just an incredible mess after such high expectations.

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              Glad to know I am not alone on the Double Musky. Everything but the steak has only been soso for me. I also agree with you about the Seven Glaciers although it has been 11 years since I dined there the food was very substandard when we were there in celebration of an Aunts marriage, and the service ok. I also remember leaving extremely hungry after spending a fortune on the food. No one from our party was impressed. I did love the view though. When I worked as a concierge I heard several bad reviews for this restaurant, but also heard that it is a great place to go for desert. This way you could eat elsewhere and then end your evening with their breathtaking view.