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Aug 10, 2009 06:46 PM

ISO Dark Chocolate

Looking for premium dark chocolate in or around the city. Who's got the best? Either store bought or handmade will do. Any help?

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  1. we get it for everyday at WF and for special ( have a square after dinner) at Sportello ..the dark with sel is amazing

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      Whole Foods has some great bars for sale of dark chocolate...they ALSO sell Lake Champlain chocolatewhich is pretty much out of this world...

    2. L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square, all the way! We have 3.5 ounce bars and 2.2 lb blocks of single source chocolate and Burdick's blend dark chocolate. You can also find wonderful bonbons and fabulous hot chocolate!

      1. For eating, Formaggio has an impressive variety. For baking, Marty's in Newton has Valrhona and Callebaut in a variety of cocoa percentages and forms (bars, discs, chips).

        1. Whole Foods has a pretty good selection of dark chocolate (I usually go to the one in Fresh Pond). Cardullo's in Harvard Square imports a lot of high-end European chocolate, although the prices are quite high. L. A. Burdick is a good recommendation as well.

          My current favorite dark chocolate is from Taza chocolate (made in Somerville), which you can get at many farmer's markets and coffeeshops as well as Whole Foods and probably other places (a bit cheaper at the farmer's markets). It is unconched, so it has a much more granular texture than more traditionally produced bars. I really like it, but it is quite different so it may be worthwhile to try a sample at a farmer's market first (I know they go to Harvard University, Davis Sq, Central Sq, Coolidge Corner, and Union Sq, and probably others).

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            I have to second (third?) WF. They carry a big selection of Scharffenberger bars, my favorite.

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              Have you tried the two new Taza selections-Cacao Puro and Yerba Mate. The Puro is my new favorite. It is so rich and pure.


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                I have tried the Cacao Puro, and I agree it is quite good, although my favorite is probably the one with chiles. Haven't tried the yerba mate one yet, will have to look for it.

            2. For bars, I usually go to Cardullo's in Harvard Square; they often have Michel Cluizel bars, which are one of my favorites. Formaggio also has a good selection of bars, but I've sometimes bought some only to find that they've already become untempered.