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Aug 10, 2009 06:32 PM

Interesting lunch spot recs needed for Montgomeryville area.

I'd like to take a friend out to a celebratory lunch as he is finally working after 18 stressful, jobless months. He works near the intersection of Street Road and Rt. 611 and, as I live near Skippack, figured the Mongtomeryville area is a middle meeting ground. He loves exotic Asian and Middle Eastern and is open to anything except fish (which I cannot fathom.) Anything in the area that is new and interesting?


P.S. Since he commutes daily from Medford Lakes, ,N.J. (yuk!) I'm willing to go more than halfway if you have any recs closer to his work.

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  1. Chef- Just down street road from your friend is the new restaurant from Billy Wong. Its in the old site of Yazmin 340 York Road just south of Street road. Asian fusian food, that should interest your dining companion.

    Ooka has a new place in Montgomeryville, but I am not sure I would go there if I weren't eating sushi.