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Aug 10, 2009 05:10 PM

Jose's Mexican restaurant in Spring Lake Heights (Monmouth County, NJ)

We stayed at the Jersey Shore this weekend, and I did not have my hopes up high for great restaurants. However, I was excited to try Jose's in SLH, based on good reviews here, and a high Zagat's rating too.

I hate to say, but I was very disappointed! The only good things were the fresh tomato salsa and a chicken enchilada with mole. (Actually, I ordered a chicken tamale, but they brought the enchilada instead, so I decided to try it anyway.) The pork taco I ordered had these greasy, hard chunks that bore little resemblance to pork. Also, they gave me a lemon wedge instead of lime for the taco. The chile relleno was also disappointing, with a ton of flavorless, greasy ground beef inside and a thick slab of cheese on top. No hint of the bright, fresh chile-lime flavors I love in most Mexican food.

I don't get why this place has such good reviews.

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