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Aug 10, 2009 05:09 PM

Vivas Belmar is out of business

Vivas Belmar is out of business, another one bites the dust,

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  1. can anyone confirm or hopefully deny this?

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    1. re: boodie1821

      Heard over the weekend that there was a note on the door about a chef emergency.
      Passione was also closed - hmmm makes you wonder....

      1. re: tuxedo

        went by today, "chef emergency" sign still there

      2. re: boodie1821

        Just checked...
        Phone number is disconnected.
        Website is no longer enabled.

          1. re: boodie1821

            Double check then, this is what was found doing a Google search...

            Vivas Latin Cuisine

            601 Belmar Plaza
            Belmar, NJ 07719
            (732) 681-1213

            1. re: shabbystorm

              The website "works".. but it's one of those generic search sites.. not at all linked to the original destination.

              1. re: shabbystorm

                Just called thier number. Recording says the phone is 'temporarily disconnected'. I wonder if there truly was some sort of emergency that took Will Vivas away. The last couple of times we were there, the food was as good as always and they were relatively crowded.

                  1. re: boodie1821

                    This is sad. When this place was on its game, it was pretty special.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      True, but starting about a year ago the reviews started going downhill. Since then there has been very little talk on this forum concerning Vivas.

          2. Have asked about this place a few times since the reviews here started going south about a year ago, but never heard anything. Seems it had pretty much gone off the radar.

            1. Just called Viva's out of curiosity. Apparently they're having a "grand re-opening" on Wednesday, Aug. 19, and will take reservations (this was all on their voice message, they're still closed); taking reservations is new. That's all I know, but it's interesting. No idea is Chef Will is involved or not, but the "chef emergency" sign was still there as of last Thursday night.

              I am in no rush to return since our last meal there was extremely disappointing, but will keep my eyes and ears open nonetheless.

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              1. re: aklein

                we are going this evening for the grand "re-opening"
                Will report back with hopefully good news. Always a big fan of Chef Will.
                Went there a month ago and despite other disappointing reports that the food had gone down hill we had a fantastic meal. Fingers crossed!

                1. re: stack_c

                  FYI: we went last night for the "grand re-opening" and they WERE CLOSED! even though the message on their meachine still clearly states that the grand re-opening was going to be last night! Now the signs on the doors regarding chef emergency are gone. To make matters worse we ended up at Brandl and had a INCREDIBLY dissappointing meal. Food was very salty and swimming in oil.

              2. seems they did manage to re-open (not sure if Chef Will is there or not)... drove by today and there was a sign that read: "GRAND RE-OPENING WED, AUG. 26)... doors were open and phone call confirmed that they were indeed open for business... however, the adjacent grocery was papered over and seemed closed..

                I will not be the first to re-try, but curious to hear how Vivas.2 manages, not to mention what happened in the first place