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Aug 10, 2009 04:48 PM

Best Pupus on Oahu

Have been doing my due diligence for an upcoming trip to Oahu. Have found a lot of good tips on here and am very excited! But keep reading about pupus, which sound delicious, and seem to be at many restaurants. My question is, though, are there any places where one would make a full meal out of pupus - i.e. are there places where people go just for them (the equivalent of a tapas restaurant or the like)? In other words, where is the best place on Oahu for pupus? Price and location not an object...Thanks!

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  1. if price is truly not an object, then head down to the house without a key at the Halekulani, watch the sunset, listen to the Hawaiian music, watch the hula, have some wine or cocktails and enjoy the pupu's. Life doesn't get much better than that.

    The bar at the Hau Tree Lanai (New Otani Hotel) is also a nice place to hang out, and the pupu list is pretty good. All in all I would rather go to the Hau Tree Lanai for dinner.

    I also like to go to Sam Choy's and have pupus for dinner with a couple of friends. Maybe share one of the salad's as well.

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      Wholehearted second of KaimukiMan's House Without A Key rec!

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        Thanks for the double confirmation. I had heard of that place, but couldn't tell if just the setting was good, or the food too...but sounds great, thanks!