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ISO Montreal's best milkshake

The title says it all. I would also kill for a chocolate malt.

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  1. The ones at M:brgr not so bad.
    Ben & Jerry's on occasion.

    1. Try the shakes at La Paryse. Their vanilla shake was wonderful (I don't know if they have malt, though).

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          Well, yes, this thread is four years old.

      1. Best milk-shakes are at Meumeu on St-Denis Street. If Ripples on St-Laurent makes a milk-shake with 6x chocolate that will be hard to beat too.

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          Heading up to Meumeu this afternoon to try them out!

        2. eatkat suggested MeuMeu. I know they have chocolate malt milkshakes.

          1. For something a little different, I remember enjoying the chai milkshake at Santropol. I saw the malt option somewhere recently but can't for the life of me remember where.

            1. Strawberry milkshake from Le Patio on Mont-Royal (made with the topping fruits) is quite good.

              1. Bumping up this thread

                Had a "black and white" milkshake from the Burger Priest in Toronto and can't stop thinking about it. It was vanilla ice cream with chocolate milk and it was made just thick enough. I'm debating whether I should buy my own milkshake machine, but for the time being, where can I go to try some really good milkshakes? Had one at Gros Jambon recently and it was good, but not great.

                Hoping to find a good one downtown (to have during lunch), but willing to travel to try the best!

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                  Weird. I just went to try to revive this thread, only to find you'd beat me to it. We need great milkshakes!

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                    Yes, milkshake recs please! I had (a version of) one from Les Givres about a week ago but when ordering I didn't realize I had to specify style so instead of a 'milk' shake I got more of a frothy strawberry and carbonated water (it could have been 7-Up type pop, too) drink - it was very good, very refreshing etc., but I am craving a thick, creamy classic shake still. I may go back and try the actual milkshake.

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                      wild willy's and twist n' cream, both in the west island ;)

                2. Au Pied de Cochon's, made with home-made maple syrup toffee