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Aug 10, 2009 03:21 PM

Sunday Guys Night Out (Dallas)

Ok, so here's the problem. I've got a number of guys coming in for the Cowboys Monday night game on 9/28. We're all well into our professional careers so we can afford to eat well, but they are all coming in on Sunday the 27th. I was considering drinks at 560, followed by another round at the Rattlesnake bar and then to Bob's for traditional Texas food (i.e. Steak). Turns out 560 and Bob's are closed on Sunday evenings, so those options are out. I've got some other ideas, but would appreciate any thoughts folks might have on some alternative high end spots, for both drinks and/or dinner.

Thanks much.

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  1. Drinks to impress found at the W Hotel's Ghost Bar or ZaZa's Dragonfly. Both in the general uptown and downtown area you seemed to be near with 560. Ghost will have your view you were looking for, and the velvet ropes you seemed to be wanting. Dragonfly will have your seen and be seen that you also seem to desire and has a nice menu along with hot scenery and drinks. Both are adult and shy of the snotty college boy thing that makes many places undesirable. Candleroom, Purgatory and Wish as well. I have been to them all, but I like my divey places...

    Stephan Pyles has a wonderful Cowboy Cut Ribeye and is also another upscale joint in that general area with cocktails.

    A friend said Charlie Palmer has a new bar type menu and can be more relaxed, but also upscale and delightful. Haven't been for the new bar menu, but drinks are tasty. that is truly a wondeful place made of expense account tabs.

    Located in the Ritz-Carlton, Fearing's has the Rattlesnake you mentioned and a hard to beat side of beef. I enjoyed the foie gras, the duck tamales, the barbecued blue points and the antelope. Drinks are wonderful and they make their own limoncello.

    There are no shortages of wonderful places in Dallas, with beef abound. Although I enjoy a Bob's experience, might question it a bit. Also, restaurant week has extended dates for some of the finer places in town, well worth checking out. Enjoy and be sure to report back.

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      If steak is the "must have" list, you can try Nick and Sam's or Capital Grille - as I believe both are open on Sunday's and should more than adequately check the red meat category. They are convenient to Hotel ZaZa or the Ritz for drinks. Have fun!

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        oo a Fearings and Charlie Palmer duo, that would be so much fun. I cannot see going to Nick and Sam's, seems a bit pedestrian after mentioning Palmers. Ghost bar is always a blast if you have a nice big crowd! They have this patio made of glass you can walk out onto and soak in the city lights. DallasDude has the best recommendations!

        Did someone say limoncello? I had the best on Ischia, this beautiful Italian island where most residents spoke fluent German. Charlemagne enjoyed the natural volcanic hot springs, I enjoyed their limoncello.

        1. re: chowchiclet

          Thanks to everyone for the replies so far. Ghostbar's website says they are only open Weds-Sat, so I think that's out.

          DD- I get your not so understated point of velvet ropes, etc. I live here and prefer the dives most of the time. However, they can get dives in the various places they are from. The over-the-top places like Fearings, 560, Ghost Bar, etc. are fun for those rare nights out with out-of-towners. That said, I do appreciate your recs.

          Looking forward to hearing other thoughts as well.

          1. re: itsjustme0770

            Ahh, it's all good. I go to the high end places too, but usually I have clients in tow. But sometimes you just gotta throw on the Sunday best and hit the town and rattle its cages and let them know you are alive. I totally get that. The dives are succulent with amazing people and even better stories, though.

            I was reading that Julia/ Julie Project blog the other night, she spoke at the DMA a few weeks ago and is an interesting person. She stopped doing the blog some time ago, but a few things she said entertained me. She said she went out in DC and it seemed so 'Dallas' to her. She went on to say every city was like Dallas except new York, and even though she never really went out she took great pleasure in knowing that NYC was the best. Funny stuff coming from an Austin girl.