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Aug 10, 2009 03:09 PM

Lakeview suggestions?

Hi, Im in town for a few days and staying in Lakeview. I am looking for great things within walking distance. Especially bakeries, grocers, and cheap ethnic snacks. Any ideas?

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  1. Which part of Lakeview are you in?

    1. Bakeries:
      - Bittersweet
      - House of Fine Chocolate
      - The Bagel - not a bakery...but great bagel and a fun stop

      There really aren't any expensive ones in the area, but there is a new Whole Foods on Halsted south of Addison and a Treasure Island on Broadway north of Addison

      General Inexpensive options:
      - Ann Sathers - Swedish, classic Chicago venue, amazing cinnamon rolls
      - Thai Classic or Joy's - BYOB thai spots
      - Mama Desta's Red Sea - BYOB Ethiopian restaurant
      - Wally & Agador's - fancy sandwichs (approx $9), but really good

      Hope this helps!