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Aug 10, 2009 03:00 PM

Where to buy a whole pig ??????

Hi everyone, and thanks for your help.

I am trying to find a GOOD butcher in the LA area where I could buy a whole pig for roasting, feeding about 50-60 people (not a suckling).
I can get one in SF and drive it down, but what a pain ! Surely there must be a place in the LA area. In SF I can get a free range, heritage pig, but I may have to settle for just any whole pig here.
Any ideas ?

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  1. Where are you in L.A? Try Harvey Guss or Marconda's, both in the Mid City area.

    Also a previous thread from last month

    Harvey's Guss Meat Co
    949 S Ogden Dr, Los Angeles, CA

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      I'm in Pasadena, but anywhere in the greater Los angeles area is a shorter drive than San Francisco.
      Thanks, I will try your suggestions.

      1. re: mendogurl

        If you're willing to shop around I'm sure any Asian market like a 99 Ranch Market can get you one. I see them unloading pigs at these markets all the time.

    2. Try one of the bigger Mexican Super Markets out your way. Heck, call Claro's Italian Deli, they do their own sausage and stuff, ask if they can get you a pig?

      Claro's Italian Market
      1003 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

      1. Many years back, we hosted a chowhound fundraiser at which we roasted a whole pig in a caja china. At Ruskar's suggestion, we got the pig at Broadleaf Meat and Game in Vernon. Their website is here: . The pig was superb, and Broadleaf got us exactly what we wanted at a great price. We did need to order in advance, however. Hope this is of some help.

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        1. re: David Kahn

          I have fond memories of that event and the crispy skin to die for. Did the pictures ever get posted somewhere?

          1. re: TomSwift

            I posted them on Yahoo Photos, which Yahoo eliminated after they bought Flickr. So sadly, the online archive is gone.

            David, does Broadleaf sell to the public, or does one need to have a hookup with one of Broadleaf's acccounts?

            1. re: David Kahn

              I'll never forget that pig, or your generosity in putting that terrific event together. Thanks, again.

              1. re: David Kahn

                The Chowhound Team split a question about using La Caja China pig roaster to the Home Cooking board. If you have tips you'd like to share, please follow here


              2. Another Place to consider is the Cal Poly Meat Science and Processing Lab. These are animals which are raised by the students at Cal Poly Pomona. You can get cuts of Meat from the Farm store on Campus but for large orders of Beef and Pork, contact them directly


                California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
                Meat Science & Processing, Bldg. #34
                3801 W. Temple Blvd.
                Pomona, CA 91768

                (909) 869-2143

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                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                  Oh, that is an awesome resource. I wonder if they would "process" my chickens?

                  1. re: mendogurl

                    I don't know. If you find out, post the answer.

                2. Also try Harmony Farms in La Crescenta. Just call first