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Tijuana Flats coming to Raleigh

Just what the Triangle needs, another so called Mexican restaurant. Corner of Millbrook
and Wake Forest Road. OPENING SOON - the sign beckons.

It's a chain. Anyone familiar? I live two blocks away. Could be convenient if they have a liquor license (if you know what I mean).

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  1. It must be....but could be interesting nonetheless. We should do a search on the "Chains" board....

    Isn't it in the old Circle K location?

    1. My parents live in Florida and have one near their home. It's my Dad's favorite. The food is actually pretty good, very fresh. It is semi-fast food. Order at the counter, they deliver to the table and check for drink refills, etc. My father loves that they have a large selection of hot sauces for you to use.

      Service, cleanliness and value has been good. Not authentic, but tasty, reasonable and consistent.

      1. It's a mostly a Florida chain. My family that lives in Orlando eats there every Saturday night. It's not authentic Mexican, more Cali Mex with a focus on using fresh ingredients. The big "feature" is a hot sauce bar with a sweet, spicy, and really, really hot sauces that have cute but racy names.

        The one my family has taken me to is pretty tasty.

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          No experience with this place but from the descriptions it sounds pretty similar to Chipotle, Moe's, Baja Fresh, Qdoba, Salsarita's, etc. It seems like our area is overrun with this exact type of chain. Is TF really any different or better than the others?

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            ....and then there's that new place at Lake Boone - Chubby's Tacos.

            I'm so "over" Moe's....I don't have a favorite at Qdoba......and I do love a good salsa bar! And it depends on what's convenient to you, location-wise.

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              Cubby's is local, with locations in Durham and Raleigh only.

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              I guess it's different in that it's not an assembly line place like Moe's, etc. You order, they cook/prepare it in the back and bring it out to you. Don't get me wrong, Taqueria la Vaquita is still going to be my go to place, but I could see myself occasionally getting a crunchy taco at TF if I'm in Raleigh and want something quick.

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                I haven't tried the ones you mentioned. I prefer indie/local when I can. I eat at TF when I visit my folks 'cos it's their dime and their call! But it does seem to be one of the better chain/semi-fast places. I probably wouldn't choose it for a meal, but I wouldn't be frustrated if my dining partner wanted to go once in a while.

                Some of the hot sauces are pretty good.

            3. I started going to TF in FL and now we have it in Va Beach. It's great! Great burritos and tacos salads! Very fresh; definitely recommend!

              1. Just moved back here after a couple of years in St. Pete, FL. If you *never* go to a chain simply because it's a chain, then it is not for you. However, the food is really good, the atmosphere tends to be good, good service, etc. If you like guac, you won't be too disappointed with theirs. The chips are either fresh or a really good brand. All of the hot sauces are good. AFAIK, they do not have margaritas, but they do serve beer, and the sangria is pretty good if you are into that sort of thing. Prices are reasonable. I kind of wish this was being built here.

                1. Bumping it up with a review. Went today for lunch and I was kind of "eh." The atmosphere is self-consciously hip, pretty out of place in Quail Corners. The ordering is confusing if you've never been before (but then again, so is Moe's) and the waitstaff, while quick enough to ask if they could help, couldn't really offer any useful explanations of the menu beyond the obvious. Not that many condiment options but probably enough for most people. Even though the cashier repeated the order back correctly, we both got refried beans when we had asked for black beans. And, although the burritos were freshly made, they were lukewarm at best.

                  The chips are more than decent but the plethora of sauces (NOT salsas) seems to be more of a gimmick than anything else. They either fall into the very sweet or "challenging your testosterone level" hot camps. The Asian-style sweet sauces would have tasted great with plain grilled chicken but were just odd in a Tex-Mex setting. The hot ones were, well, hot.

                  Prices are comparable to Moe's, although I think Moe's gives you better value since you can load up your burrito with more veggies and condiments. The food struck me as less fresh-Mex and more Taco Bell with slightly better ingredients and much higher prices. Personally, I don't see much use for it but they were doing steady business at lunch so apparently it appeals to some people.

                  In the neighborhood, Fonda is still a far better choice for authentic Mexican and, even though I am also very over Moe's, I feel that Moe's beats TF hands down in its category.

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                    Good review rockycat. I've been three times - live in the neighborhood. The crispy tacos are decent, but not much beyond the Bell.

                    Ordering IS painful. Why don't thy use a number and letter system. "I'll have a 2b".
                    So many options.

                    One cool thing they have for dog owners. Outside seating, bring your dog, and get a free appetizer. Pretty forward thinking for Raleigh.

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                      Thansk for the review.. I'm glad we have Carrburritos over here in CHapel Hill/Carrboro and that is all I'm giong to say about it. Of course we also have 2-3 taco trucks. What we need is a Korean cart like in DC.