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Aug 10, 2009 02:37 PM

The Laundry (East Hampton) - Still Jfood's Favorite

Once again Jfood has to give a major recommendation to The Laundry in East Hampton, NY. It is still one of Jfood's favorites and the last visit proved that this is still a destination spot to enjoy great food and service.

This year the Jfood party sat in the back room overlooking the back lawn and gardens and was seated a little before 8. The server brought menus, some bottled water was ordered and the evening began.

After loosing all of his tomato plants to blight Jfood decided to drown his tears in the heirloom tomato salad for his appetizer and the citrus brined loin of pork with Cuban black beans, tropical salsa, crispy tortilla for his entrée.

The tomato salad arrived, there were many of the varieties that Jfood lost, and the flavors were over the top fantastic. It made him sad thinking what could have been, but he thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

The entrée arrived and it was a very large pork chop, not exactly what Jfood was expecting (he thought it would be slices from the loin) but he was even more excited about the prospect of this chop. Surrounding the pork was a nice portion of the black beans and atop the chop was the tropical salsa. Jfood cut a piece of the pork, added a little black beans and took the first taste…heaven. At each succeeding bite he smiled more and more. This had all sorts of combinations available with the tropical salsa and the black beans combined with the citrus brining. This was absolutely a fabulous dish.

After the table was finished, the waitress did a great job of convincing them to order Profiteroles for dessert and Jfood was glad she did. They too were extremely great.

The service was also fantastic.

If you want a great meal with great service, Jfood still thinks that the Laundry is tops on the list.

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  1. Really have had the most awful meals there. Shocked, shocked that the parking lot is full. Have yet to know of anyone who has gone back- circling back to the shocked part about the parking lot being full.

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    1. re: boopster

      Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded.
      --Yogi Berra.

    2. they have turned this place around. i had a great meal the other day as well as a great bottle of wine.. i gave this place another chance and they impressed me.. prix fixe was fairly priced and every course was great.. definitely more entree choices then most places in the area..
      i will be back..

      The Laundry Restaurant
      341 Pantigo Road (HWY 27), East Hampton, NY 11937

      1. I heard good and bad about this place, but just wanted to let everyone know that they are gone. Sheriff shut them down if you must know. I never got to try them so I have no more to add. Just don't want anyone anticipating a meal here that won't happen.

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            I just heard by word of mouth, people were grabbing stuff from the curbside faster than the owner could get to it. Sad, hope it's not an omen for the summer.