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Aug 10, 2009 02:28 PM

Spring "fast food lunch"???

i have seen this mentioned here and have some questions. is this fast food lunch of lobster sandwiches, fries - only served on saturdays? when reading reviews it seems that on other days, you eat whatever he wants to serve that day and i don't want that, i am looking for this lobster sandwich lunch. if it is only on saturdays - does anyone know the following: time this is served, do you need a reservation and approximately how much for two people? do you sit in the restaurant or by "fast food" do they mean you take it out to eat it? thanks so much!

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    The last day to have the lobster sandwich was August 8th but it sounds like he is thinking about continuing with this sandwich thingy as he promises he will figure it out someday.

    1. It is decidely not "fast food", I suppose you could take the sandwiches/rolls away if one lived nearby, but ordinarily one orders at a table and eats there as well; it's not McDo's. On Saturdays, (before he closed for his vacation) one reserved the number of lobsters (1 lobster per sandwich per person at market price) not the places, one arrived when one wished (we 3 came early), one ordered wine just like at his lunches or dinners (which one should not dismiss because he chooses the menu from the products in the market) and one savors.

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        Ah, the lobster sandwich, the fries, the wine, the company. Sublime.
        John T: You owe it to a large contingent of tourist foodies: Please tell Daniel to keep the Saturday sandwiches coming . . . (when he returns from Maine, of course).