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Aug 10, 2009 01:53 PM

Abuelos (Mexican) in Ossining?

Drove by but haven't stopped in yet... this is on Highland Avenue, across from the Community Center/Pool, in what was a short-lived fish market/restaurant. Anyone been yet? I'll try to get there, but it may take awhile before I'm on that piece of road again.

Nancy C

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  1. I didn't know it was opened yet -- I drove by a few weeks ago and saw the sign. Can't wait to try it. Ossining can use some homemade Mexican food!

    On a side note, I heard that Guadalajara's is open again...

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      Drove by Guadalajara on Saturday - hope the food's better than before. Was all a bit heavy and run of the mill. My favorite Mexican foods tend to be the lighter items - grilled meats, fresh veggies, soft tacos, fish tacos, and superb rice. Not much into the beans and wrapped/baked things that seem to be the norm around here. Looking forward to some updates on Guadalajara, and will try to get to Abuelos sooner than later.

    2. Ooh... interesting..... hadn't noticed!

      1. Drove by today and looked like a decent lunch crowd was inside BUT the door was wide open, and it's over 90 degrees today--if they don't have a/c, think I'll wait till autumn to try it!

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            Just finished the take-out with my family... had chicken and cheese quesadilla, beef burrito, a soft taco with pork cooked in pineapple, and a rice-based creamy drink. We loved each and every thing in the bag (I also liked the salsa they served with chips while I waited for the order... not tomato sauce with veggies... finely chopped veggies that was medium hot.

            The waitress/hostess spoke English fluently and they take credit cards (two pre-requisites for me).

            The inside is small, but clean and pleasant. My only complaint in the whole process was that the Yankees game was on loud while nice Mexican music played. One or the other please (preferably the musica).

            If I had it all, I would eat the food from Abuela's in Quadalahara with a margarita from the other place across from CVS on route 9. Forced to make a choice, give me the food from Abuela's. Fresh, tasty, and lots of limes and radishes in two cups that I wasn't quite sure what to do with.

            1. re: professormac

              Thanks so much for trying this out... will absolutely get there soon! Sounds perfect alternative to pizza/Chinese take out!

              1. re: professormac

                thanks for the nice review. It reminded me I wanted to try out this place.

                The drink you had sounds like horchata - my favorite Mexican drink.

                As for the lime and radishes... the lime is a nice garnish on tacos - just sprinkle it over your tacos al pastor (the pork w/ pineapple) and it gives it a nice fresh citrus acidity. The radishes are mostly palate cleansers. And when you've got a particularly piquant salsa on your tongue, they also serve to cool it down a bit.

            2. Yay! I'm so pleased this little place has opened up. I went there for lunch today (solo, alas, so I couldn't sample as much as I would have liked) and had the soft chicken tacos with rice and beans. My chicken tacos were excellent--flavorful chicken meat, some pieces were slightly crispy on the outside and extra-yummy from their flash-cooking. The tacos were served with little grilled green onions and a perfectly-grilled cactus pad. Two spicy sauces were served alongside, along with a little bowl of lime wedges, cucumber slices and radishes. The owner, Olga, is very sweet; service was prompt and friendly. Atmosphere is quite minimal. Can't wait to go back with a group. They do takeout, too, altho' they were out of takeout menus today.

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              1. re: Kat_in_Ossining

                This sounds great... can you describe exactly where it is on S. Highland? Thanks!

                1. re: jessheslin

                  Hi--I'll check for a street address when I go by there tomorrow.

                  1. re: jessheslin

                    Just across the street from the Community Center, on Route 9. South of the Ossining Bakery, north of the intersection of 134/133 and Route 9. On the east side of S. Highland. Just north of the Emmigrant Bank.

                2. Here's a picture of Los Abuelos' chorizo tacos -- soft corn tortillas, double wrapped; grilled cactus pad & green onions on top, plus fresh cilantro. The house-made guacamole is terrific, too!

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                  1. re: Kat_in_Ossining

                    Yum! That looks like what my step daughter and son-in-law had at their rehearsal dinner in Cuernavaca Mexico. The cousins came over with a fantastic set up of grilled meats, those green onions, etc. I'm looking forward to visiting there! Thanks for trail blazing!