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Abuelos (Mexican) in Ossining?

Drove by but haven't stopped in yet... this is on Highland Avenue, across from the Community Center/Pool, in what was a short-lived fish market/restaurant. Anyone been yet? I'll try to get there, but it may take awhile before I'm on that piece of road again.

Nancy C

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  1. I didn't know it was opened yet -- I drove by a few weeks ago and saw the sign. Can't wait to try it. Ossining can use some homemade Mexican food!

    On a side note, I heard that Guadalajara's is open again...

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      Drove by Guadalajara on Saturday - hope the food's better than before. Was all a bit heavy and run of the mill. My favorite Mexican foods tend to be the lighter items - grilled meats, fresh veggies, soft tacos, fish tacos, and superb rice. Not much into the beans and wrapped/baked things that seem to be the norm around here. Looking forward to some updates on Guadalajara, and will try to get to Abuelos sooner than later.

    2. Ooh... interesting..... hadn't noticed!

      1. Drove by today and looked like a decent lunch crowd was inside BUT the door was wide open, and it's over 90 degrees today--if they don't have a/c, think I'll wait till autumn to try it!

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            Just finished the take-out with my family... had chicken and cheese quesadilla, beef burrito, a soft taco with pork cooked in pineapple, and a rice-based creamy drink. We loved each and every thing in the bag (I also liked the salsa they served with chips while I waited for the order... not tomato sauce with veggies... finely chopped veggies that was medium hot.

            The waitress/hostess spoke English fluently and they take credit cards (two pre-requisites for me).

            The inside is small, but clean and pleasant. My only complaint in the whole process was that the Yankees game was on loud while nice Mexican music played. One or the other please (preferably the musica).

            If I had it all, I would eat the food from Abuela's in Quadalahara with a margarita from the other place across from CVS on route 9. Forced to make a choice, give me the food from Abuela's. Fresh, tasty, and lots of limes and radishes in two cups that I wasn't quite sure what to do with.

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              Thanks so much for trying this out... will absolutely get there soon! Sounds perfect alternative to pizza/Chinese take out!

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                thanks for the nice review. It reminded me I wanted to try out this place.

                The drink you had sounds like horchata - my favorite Mexican drink.

                As for the lime and radishes... the lime is a nice garnish on tacos - just sprinkle it over your tacos al pastor (the pork w/ pineapple) and it gives it a nice fresh citrus acidity. The radishes are mostly palate cleansers. And when you've got a particularly piquant salsa on your tongue, they also serve to cool it down a bit.

            2. Yay! I'm so pleased this little place has opened up. I went there for lunch today (solo, alas, so I couldn't sample as much as I would have liked) and had the soft chicken tacos with rice and beans. My chicken tacos were excellent--flavorful chicken meat, some pieces were slightly crispy on the outside and extra-yummy from their flash-cooking. The tacos were served with little grilled green onions and a perfectly-grilled cactus pad. Two spicy sauces were served alongside, along with a little bowl of lime wedges, cucumber slices and radishes. The owner, Olga, is very sweet; service was prompt and friendly. Atmosphere is quite minimal. Can't wait to go back with a group. They do takeout, too, altho' they were out of takeout menus today.

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                This sounds great... can you describe exactly where it is on S. Highland? Thanks!

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                  Hi--I'll check for a street address when I go by there tomorrow.

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                    Just across the street from the Community Center, on Route 9. South of the Ossining Bakery, north of the intersection of 134/133 and Route 9. On the east side of S. Highland. Just north of the Emmigrant Bank.

                2. Here's a picture of Los Abuelos' chorizo tacos -- soft corn tortillas, double wrapped; grilled cactus pad & green onions on top, plus fresh cilantro. The house-made guacamole is terrific, too!

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                    Yum! That looks like what my step daughter and son-in-law had at their rehearsal dinner in Cuernavaca Mexico. The cousins came over with a fantastic set up of grilled meats, those green onions, etc. I'm looking forward to visiting there! Thanks for trail blazing!

                  2. I just ate there last night. Growing up in Arizona and Southern California, I have been missing good Mexican food since I moved here in 93. Guadalajara and Santa Fe have been OK substitutes until last night!!! Los Abuelos was fantastic!!! Small, "hole-in-the wall" type place with sweet charm and very clean. The food was incredibly delicious!! My wife and I had 2 entrees, a small appetizer and 3 beers...leaving a heavy tip...all for only $45.00!!! It would have been twice that at Guadalajara.

                    The food was so good, I woke up in the middle of the night and almost went ahead and re-heated the leftovers!!

                    I'll be eating there a lot. Only problem was their liquor license is only good for beer and wine...so no Margarita's. But if you get to know them, they may let you bring your own (you didn't hear that from me) Also...if you're one who "expects" chips and salsa at the table...you may be disappointed.

                    1. hi does anyone have an actual address of phone # pls- thanks

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                          thanks i know that article, it does not have address- thanks

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                                Since I posted the original inquiry about this place, my bad for not going to check it out sooner. Well, it is really fine food, genuinely tasty, well prepared, and yummy. We kept it simple this visit - a mix of tacos - pastor (I expected lamb, but it's very good pork and pineapple), chicken, and pulled pork. Fluffy rice, good refried beans. A tamarind drink, and tres leches cake (from a nearby bakery - they make the flan there, so we'll try it next time) for dessert. Friendly staff, soccer on the TV (funny they weren't watching the Yankee game, which was in the 11th inning when we left home for this dinner. We are very much looking forward to going again, and again. They are still out of take-out menus. Olga is very nice, enjoyed my rusty Spanish, and we hope they thrive. Love a place with the kids in the house.

                                1. re: Nancy C

                                  Having just returned from Arizona, this sounds very disappointing according to the dishes you mention. Are you sure it's not Central American cooking? i.e. Guatemalan or Ecuadorian versions of Mexican? What's with pineapple in Mexican food? My husband and I lamented the lack of any authentic Mexican food in Westchester. Guadalajara wasn't even close to what I've had as Mexican food, but they do make good frozen margaritas. There's lots more than tacos, burritos, and more desserts than flan (common to many ethnic backgrounds). If you get to Tucson, try El Charro(there are now 4 of them, the original downtown near the Court, but the newest on Oracle is excellent- they have very good Carne Seca), Cafe Poca Casa, and Cafe Elote in Sedona (non-traditional chef).

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                                    go to chula puebla in sleepy hollow before you withdraw from your mex. fix @ arizona.

                                    1. re: Coco Nutt

                                      Whoa there. There's nothing inauthentic about pineapple in tacos. It's the standard in great tacos al pastor (which is what that taco was, I'm guessing from the description). See this picture for an example from Mexico City: http://davidlida.com/_WP/wp-content/u...

                                      And the pulled pork taco is, I'm guessing, carnitas, again very authentic. So don't judge authenticity by the description. I haven't been to this place yet, but I'm hopeful.

                                      In general, it's good to keep in mind the regional skew in Mexican cuisine out here. For good our bad, most of our Mexican food is from Puebla, where the vast majority of the Mexican immigration here is from. Sadly, you won't find many Oaxacan or Yucatecan or Sonoran places out here.

                                      That said, having been in Phoenix too... you don't find all that much regional varience in Mexican food there either... While there's no doubt the Mexican food there is on a higher quality, it also largely comes from a single region too - Northern Mexico. Which, by the way, is completely rational...

                                      Anyhow, check out this place to gauge it on it's own merits. I haven't been, so can't verify, but I'm cautiously hopeful. And there certainly are good Mexican places out here - even in Westchester, not just Queens. (guadalajara was never one of them). Take a look at some older threads - we've covered a lot of places in Port Chester, White Plains and New Rochelle.

                                      Good luck.

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                                        Not dissapointing food at all! I've eaten Mexican in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Tulum, Cuernavaca, Puerto Escondido, and southwest US style in Arizona, New Mexico, and CA. Like any great national cuisine, styles vary greatly, so be open to variations in ingredients. They do grow pineapples in Mexico.

                                        I'll be curious to ask the owner where her family hails from. But what ate earlier this week is so far from the usual overdone, over-sauced, leaded food served at many "Mexican" restaurants near where I live in Ossining. We tend not to travel further into Westchester for Mexican food, but I've been meaning to try a few other places.

                                        I look forward to eating further into the menu, although it'll be hard to stray from the simple goodness of the soft taco plate (and yes, that was al pastor, carnitas (they were out of barbacao goat), and chicken (cut into tiny bits and grilled, each bit wit a lovely browning to it).

                                        Adamclyde, I look forward to hearing what you think.

                                        1. re: Nancy C

                                          wow. barbecoa goat? Now I'm really intrigued...

                                          1. re: adamclyde

                                            And beef tongue tacos, too! Adamclyde, I just saw read your empanada odyssey and was very impressed, so I'll also look forward to hearing what you think.

                                            1. re: Kat_in_Ossining

                                              I forgot they had tongue on the menu... always a bit queasy about it, but had it at a Korean BBQ place awhile back and it was the BEST of all the things we grilled. So, I'll give that a whirl at Abuelos, too.

                                              1. re: Nancy C

                                                Another thumbs up! We loved the guacamole. Also had the mixed seafood cocktail which was chock full of shrimp, octopus, etc., but we didn't care for the sweet cocktail sauce. Tacos al pastor were terrific, we also had the tongue tacos which we did not love, but they were certainly different. Unfortunately, they did not have goat last night, we're looking forward to trying that. We shared a flan, which was very dense and sweet. We thought the food was delicious, authentic, and nicely portioned, the joint is cheerful, and the service was delightful. Looking forward to returning!

                        2. We tried this wonderful spot last weekend and will be returning again and again! A native of Southern California, I'm accustomed to the street food and delicacies of East LA. I've also traveled throughout Mexico and enjoy the local flavors that each area presents.

                          Los Abuelos is definitely a welcome addition to the Ossining area -- a small "home in the wall" where the food is fresh and prepared with passion, and the services is outstanding. We tried a variety of items, from several tacos (carnitas, carne asada, pork in enchilada sauce, etc.) to a vegetarian burrito with nopales, to a mole enchilada. We loved the fresh guacamole which was very flavorful and fell in love with the homemade pineapple water that's served cold and frothy.

                          They're open 7 days a week from 10am - 10pm. Fridays and Saturdays, they often stay open later to accommodate the evening crowds. They also deliver, but I'm partial to eating at the restaurant where I can experience the smells, sights and wonderful service.

                          Enjoy Los Abuelos when you can! It's a gem of a restaurant and I hope they stay around for a very long time!

                          1. Has anyone tried the breakfast menu?

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                              Yes, I had the chilaquiles and my friend had the huevos rancheros, both very good, and generous portions.

                            2. Can someone who has been comment on the availability of vegetarian choices? Thanks.

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                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                We are going Saturday night with a vegetarian, so we'll let you know

                              2. We love the tacos al pastor and the cubana torta is outstanding! It has chorizo, roast pork, ham, a mexican cheese similar to mozzarella, chipotle pepper, avocado as well as lettuce tomato and red onion. All piled on fresh portuguese bread. We absolutely love this place!

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                                1. re: mkatz9267

                                  Went with 5 adults and a 3 yr old last night. Called beforehand and Xiomara set up tables for us. Had a great meal - first time we'd had the guacamole, which is really fresh and yummy. I had enchiladas suizas with verde sauce (chicken and beef), and a variety of tacos sprung up at other tables. 3 yr old had some plain chicken brought from home, and some good french frieds, and good strawberry ice cream for dessert. For the one vegetarian with us, she did a quesadilla with cheese and mushroom. Mushrooms were very tasty. Vegetarian is not easy in this place, though, beyond that kind of combination - there's beans, rice, lettuce, etc., but everything else features meat. They were out of nopales last night, so no grilled cactus. Love the beer in the frozen boot glasses! Even the Texan with us was impressed with how fresh and authentic this food is.

                                2. Do they have a lunch menu? Has anyone found them online? Also, I assume they have dishes with just chicken for those who do not eat beef/pork?

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                                    The times that we've been there, the menu we've received has breakfast items in it (e.g. chilaquiles), and then everything else (sandwiches, soups, tacos, platters, etc.) I think there is not a specific lunch (or lunch special menu). There's plenty of chicken on the menu and I think if you saw something you'd like made with beef/pork, they'd swap out for chicken. Have been very accomodating to my husband's dislike of corn tacos, swapping out for flour tacos.

                                  2. Went to this restaurant last night and was pretty disappointed based on what I've read here. The staff was very accomodating, although the lighting could be taken down a few watts -- it's kind of like being on stage -- but it didn't matter too much because we were there for the food, which everyone said was outstanding. We started with the combo nachos, which were just okay, and a side of guacamole, which was good -- the chips and salsa were also good. My boyfriend had the mixed grill, which was good, not great, and I had the chicken enchiladas suiza, which was just awful. The chicken was ground into pellets (kind of like pet food although I would not have fed this to my pets) and seemed to be fried and then rolled into a three tortillas. It was then smothered in a very heavy layer of mild cheese, although the chicken was very spicy. Simply stated, this was one of the worst things I have ever eaten in my life. There were three enchilladas on the plate and I left most of it as it was simply inedible. I was first introduced to Mexican food over 35 years ago and have travelled many times in Mexico as well as the Southwest and have never had a worse enchillada anywhere. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing, but I would not return to this restaurant. On the plus side, it was cheap, but I'm for quality, not quantity. Wish I could have written a better report as I live in Ossining and really like to support the local merchants.

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                                    1. re: LillOne

                                      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience--do you recommend any other Mexican restaurants in Westchester?

                                      1. re: Marge

                                        I don't really have a favorite. Depends what you like. IMHO I think Guadalajara has the best quality in general, at least of the places I've tried. But for cheese enchiladas, I prefer South of the Border.

                                        1. re: LillOne

                                          While I have not tried Abuelos yet, I'm pretty sure there's general consensus on this board that Guadalajara and South of the Border are not what would be considered the best Mexican in Westchester, by a long stretch!

                                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                            I've never been to South of the Border, but I intensely dislike Guadalajara...

                                        1. re: adamclyde

                                          Pork chop, grilled chicken and shrimp and steak....I think it was skirt steak but not sure.

                                        2. re: LillOne

                                          Sorry to hear you had a bad experience - I'll be going back again, but I guess this is perhaps a warning to not veer too far off the taco menu (or to get details on how other items are constructed before ordering - I remember the chicken being more like ground chicken than shredded, which is the usual that is used in enchiladas).

                                          1. re: Nancy C

                                            Went back, the two of us, for dinner on Monday night. Eyes bigger than stomachs - ordered guacamole (next time I'm asking for less onion, a personal preference), mushroom quesadilla, and posole soup (with two tacos, which I figured would be just plain tacos, like bread on the side, but were two bean tacos). Needless to say, most of the pozole (with yummy pork in it) went home and we had it for dinner a few days later. One quadilla followed us home, too. Love the beer in those frozen boot glasses...

                                            1. re: Nancy C

                                              Was the mushroom quesadilla vegetarian? I never managed to get there and my daughter (who works two blocks away) never stopped off to get me a menu. I am going to have to get some co-workers to go there for lunch.

                                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                                Yes, it was veggie. (Sorry for late RSVP - have been away from Ossining, enjoying food in Argentina).

                                                1. re: Nancy C

                                                  My daughter finally got me a menu. I did not see a lot of vegetarian/chicken stuff. The only 2 purely chicken dishes were fajitas and the thing with the cactus. Lots of pork and shrimp dishes (and typos). I could probably scan and post the menu if there is interest.

                                                  1. re: MisterBill2

                                                    Hmm... I've not been able to get a "take out" menu from them, but haven't been there since Feb. Did she get you the entire menu that they give out at the tables? I agree there is not a LOT there for a vegetarian (have one step daughter who's been very happy with the mushroom quesadilla twice, but she's not eating there regularly - that would get a bit monotonous I imagine. But I think they can make most of the taco-ish/enchiladas, etc. with chicken. Give them a try when you can - would value your opinion on this place, as with others, Mr. Bill!

                                                    1. re: Nancy C

                                                      Hi.. it was glossy paper (but not laminated) double sided, 3 panels on each side. Is that the normal table menu?

                                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                                        Hmm... I'd have to look again- an excuse to go there :-)

                                                        The menu we've had is in a vinyl multi-paged thing, with breakfast included. It would be more than just two sides of a piece of paper for sure.

                                        3. YES!!! Finally got here last weekend and boy was it worth the wait. This is some of the most authentic Mexican food I've had in a long time. There's not much else in Westchester - aside from maybe Sunshine deli in WP - that I've had comes close to this. I had a "cuban" torta, which was not exactly your typical cuban (mozarella cheese, i believe) but was delicious nonetheless - nice, flaky soft bread with delicious ham, cheese, chipotles, and other stuff i'm not sure of. The taco al pastor was delicious as well, served on a freshly made tortilla. The coup de grace were the huaraches though. Three single-sized delicious little flat pockets of tortilla topped with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or chorizo. You can mix and match any way - I did the chicken, beef, and chorizo, and I recommend you to do the same. They also come with some excellent, fresh salsa roja and salsa verde with a nice kick, like a good salsa should. These huaraches are so good that I don't have to travel all the way to the Red Hook ballfields to get a good huarache anymore. Pair this with a nice cold Corona in a Mexican boot glass, and Telemundo on the TV playing a bikini beach party, and I'm going to be making this place a regular destination.

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                                            Oh, and all this for $30 including tax and tip.

                                          2. My wife and went for lunch, had the tacos plate, loved it!! Best Mexican I've had in ny outside of queens.

                                            1. ok, I FINALLY had an excuse to go by this place and try it out tonight. The interior is simple, but clean and nice.

                                              The food... I was in a rush, and was alone, so could only sample so much. I ordered two tacos and a huarache. The tacos (al pastor and carnitas) I had wereh good. Not remarkable, really, but still passable. The carnitas was moist, but kind of stringy, too greasy with a slightly off after taste. The al pastor (not from a spit, but still with nice flavor) was also a bit too greasy, but with the pineapple, still good.

                                              But the huarache? Wow, that was totally awesome. I think the best huarache I've ever had, actually. It was different than most huaraches I've had - thicker, yet lighter with more of a fresh masa flavor. In fact it was more like a fantastic sope in the shape of a huarache. About 3x5 inches long, 1/2 thick at the edges, griddle fried to light, golden perfection, topped with refried beans, nopales, radish slices, lettuce, onions, and queso fresco (if you don't want nopales, you can choose from any of the meat options - carnitas, al pastor, bistek, cecina, lengua, pollo, etc. - but given my experience, I highly recommend the nopales). If my blackberry was working properly, I'd upload a photo.... but it's not. So, just close your eyes and imagine it...

                                              I really hope this was the norm with the huaraches and not the exception. Definitely more to explore on the menu. Thanks to everyone who for the great tips on this place.

                                              BTW, I was reminded of a ton of places in Ossining that still need some intel... like the los americanos deli, which looks like an equadorian restaurant, or the tierras tropica (?) place that I would assume is a dominican place? Then the asi es colombia bakery (must be related to the Port Chester location?)... And those were all on RT 133 within walking distance of Abuelos. Then, there's another load of restaurants nearer to the que chula/los andes section of town too.

                                              Anyhow, loads of stuff in ossining. A good food town.

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                                              1. re: adamclyde

                                                Went back again today and got a few huaraches (cactus) and a sope. There's really not much of a difference between the huaraches and sopes. Huaraches there are thicker, more tender (and in my opinion, more special). The cactus is definitely the best huarache to get - the combo of radishes + cactus (nopales) + queso fresco + crema + beans is really good. I wasn't a fan of the chicken... overly flavored with some sort of pre-mixed seasoning. But, again, the huaraches were great. Not quite as sublime as the other day, but still very good.

                                                For the sope I got cecina (salted beef), which was very good. Given the choice, I'd go for the huarache, but if you get the sope, you won't go wrong either.

                                                Los Abuelos
                                                38 N Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562

                                                1. re: adamclyde

                                                  went back to try the huaraches with cactus...WOW, great suggestion, loved it. My daughter ordered a cubano sandwich which was also delicious and well priced though didn't taste anything like a real cubano.

                                                  1. re: vinouspleasure

                                                    Glad you liked the huaraches. They really are good.

                                                    Mexican cubanos are completely different than Cuban cubanos. They are just like any other Mexican torta, (beans, avocado, etc.) but usually with some ham + milanesa (breaded pork or chicken), sliced white cheese, etc. So not really a cubano cubano at all.

                                                    1. re: adamclyde

                                                      The lovely family members who run Abuelos told us recently that business has been slower. If you've not been yet, please go. And if you have any low-cost ideas for marketing, I'll be happy to pass them along (they've done the Clipper Magazine thing, which costs $500 or so).... I'm trying to think of more grass-roots or affordable means of getting the word out to support this delightul local business.

                                                      1. re: Nancy C

                                                        Hmmm....they really do need to do some marketing. IMO, a good inexpensive start would be a website--so many people (myself included) enjoy surfing the web for restaurants and menus. I don't know what restaurant.com costs, but that's another resource. Perhaps distributing their take-out menu throughout the area ( a la so many Chinese restaurants and even the Landmark diner!) would get the word out--do you know if they deliver? That's certainly a plus. I hope they can stay in business, and most importantly, at their great quality level!

                                                        1. re: Marge

                                                          According to their take-out menu, they offer free delivery for a $15 minimum order. We haven't tried it yet (delivery), but truly enjoyed the restaurant when we finally made it there.

                                                        2. re: Nancy C

                                                          restaurant.com gift certificates for temporary exposure during slow times

                                                          1. re: Nancy C

                                                            We'll be going on Saturday and will definitely spread the word. It's really a gem and we'd CRY to see it close its doors. Maybe they can promote themselves in the Ossining Web Blast -- perhaps offer a small discount for folks who bring in a copy of or mention their listing? Or maybe promote a special event or unique dining opportunity in the Web blast? They could also use a sandwich board outside for folks driving by to make sure that people know they're there. Or maybe deliver flyers to local businesses who might order or visit for lunch? They could also join the Ossining Chamber. How about a Facebook or Twitter presence? There are also many build-your-own website companies online, some for restaurants specifically, that would make it easy for them to have a small website with menus. Or perhaps a local web design firm would help them out in trade for a weekly ration of their amazing food? Just some ideas...

                                                            1. re: golightly01

                                                              Great ideas everyone, which I'll share with them... Plan on going over there later in the week with a list of ideas. I agree better signage OUT FRONT (not on the side of the building) would help a lot. I like the barter for website idea... wish I could do THAT!

                                                              I need to check out the Ossining Web Blast. What is that??

                                                              1. re: Nancy C

                                                                The Ossining Web Blast can be accessed through the Village of Ossining website -- there's typically a link in the upper right corner. You can also register to receive the weekly Web Blast via email using "Email Subscriptions." In that list I believe they call it "Weekly Ossining News."

                                                                At the bottom of the weekly Web Blast, they list the contact person for the submission of information or events for future editions. It's a great resource for local information and I've seen many restaurants list special events, occasions, etc.

                                                            2. re: Nancy C

                                                              This is the reason I needed to step up my Abuelos consumption even more. This place CANNOT close!! I try to spread the word as well, but unfortunately there are a lot of close-minded people out there. Time to step up the attack!

                                                              1. re: Nancy C

                                                                I feel guilty... I live in Ossining and I haven't been here yet. I solemnly promise that I will try it within the next week!!! The cactus huarache sounds awesome.

                                                                1. re: Nancy C

                                                                  We did our part and got take-out last night--it was WAY too hot to eat inside (no a/c). The food was excellent, as always. They have a nice take-out menu now, and yes, they do deliver with a $15 minimum.

                                                                  1. re: Nancy C

                                                                    I think stepping up the takeout end of the business is the way to go -- lower-cost takeout menus need to be printed up than the glossy, heavy-stock ones that Olga has been giving out in the past. And they need to be _everywhere_--in mailboxes and anywhere else they can. And the word takeout, with a phone number, should be featured if possible on the sign. I love this place and hope it will stick around.

                                                          2. You won't be disappointed. The food is super yummy, very fresh, reasonably priced and the people who work there couldn't be nicer. Language is not an issue and you'll feel very welcome the minute you walk in the door. I've eaten in and done take-out -- no troubles with either. Don't forget that they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

                                                            1. Just want to "bump" up this thread--we dined there last night and it was terrific--BUT, we were the only patrons throughout our dinner on a Friday night! I love their guacamole, which was more than enough for two to share as an appetizer. We also had the huaraches (one beef, one chicken, one pork--the pork was my favorite), and steak and shrimp in garlic sauce. We asked for and received chopped fresh jalapenos to sprinkle on the steak. A bottle of decent enough wine was $15, and after dinner coffee was delicious. The food is fresh, made to order, and wonderful, the service is friendly, and the joint is clean if not beautiful. They only have beer and wine (so no margaritas) and it is in a kind of odd location, but there is a parking lot as well as a small municipal lot next to it...I hope business improves!!

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                                                              1. re: Marge

                                                                I agree... My DW, who is not a Mexican food fan, likes this place. She really enjoys the chicken soup, which is a meal in itself. I'll have to let her know about the guacamole!

                                                                I've had the steak and shrimp in garlic sauce and loved it.

                                                                1. re: Marge

                                                                  They were nice and busy tonight, with a steady stream of people coming both to eat in and take out! We had a great time stuffing ourselves on guacamole, huaraches, beer, enchiladas, and (homemade?) flan. Great place.

                                                                  1. re: spa

                                                                    My wife and I had an absolutely terrible lunch here. Chips are served with chopped seasoned tomatoes rather than liquid salsa. Huarache and quesadillas were greasy. Chicken in the huarache consisted of tiny pieces of dark meat in seasoning that made the chicken inedible for me. Ditto on the seasoning for the beef. Refried beans were a congealed, solid mess. Nopales tasted like they came pickled out of a jar. The tamarind juice and the quesadilla cheese were both very good however. Three items on our check were priced higher than the menu listing! Reading some of glowing reviews here leaves me perplexed and totally bewildered.

                                                                    1. re: budinado

                                                                      I believe you ate somewhere else. Nothing you describe even vaguely resembles the fantastic food we had tonight--and I didn't see any salsa anywhere.

                                                                  2. re: Marge

                                                                    This place is a gem--thanks so much to the many people who keep reminding those of us in the area to seek it out. My husband, 21-year-old son and I went here for the first time tonight. Our only problem was that we couldn't try more things. My husband a pork chops and salsa verde dish (spicy, which they warned him about) that he loved. I don't think there was a lick of anything left when he finished. Son had tacos al pastore and a pineapple soda; he was in heaven, I had two pork carnitas huraches and a cactus one (thanks for the recommendations on here), brought one home for lunch tomorrow. Really liked the little sauces they served with it, and the fresh cucumbers and radish slices were a nice addition. Guacamole was fresh and yummy, and we loved the flan for desert--huge portion, more than enough for two.
                                                                    We also had two beers (gotta love the boot glasses), and even with a generous tip it was $67 for the three of us. We'll definitely be back. What a hamish place!

                                                                  3. Finally got to try this place last night. It's definitely a great place to have in Ossining, though it's not really a destination restaurant-- Southern Westchester has its share of good Mexican, and this is pretty much on par with Mexican I've had in NR/PC. We were really disappointed to find out they were out of guacamole (and based on our meals, they had all the components-- avocado, cilantro, jalapeno,etc., and even I can make a serviceable guacamole with those ingredients in under 5 minutes, so we were a little miffed by that), but the pico de gallo tided us over for our entrees. The horchata was excellent. My bf got enchiladas in the recommended combo of shredded pork with hot green sauce, which comes with a side of rice and beans. I usually think beans are beans, but I couldn't stop eating these... they were so tasty. I got the huarache with cactus as recommended here and was really pleased with it. I'd never had one before and I loved the pillowy chewy texture of the tortilla itself and the beans, radishes, cilantro, cheese, radishes, and cactus on top were a great combo of texture, though it cried out for some of the spicy green sauce they put on every table. Often there are very few vegetarian options on Mexican menus (I'm not vegetarian, though I often eat vegetarian when I'm out) and this is an EXCELLENT menu choice... though I'm not sure it's 100% vegetarian with the beans/tortilla etc.

                                                                    Anyway, I would definitely return or more likely do takeout. Aside from the guacamole disappointment, it was a very satisfying meal for just a tad over $30. Atmosphere is very casual and welcoming.