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Aug 10, 2009 01:36 PM

Bars to hit after a show at Subterranean

Hi, I'll be visiting your fine city this coming weekend with my wife. We're going to see a band at Subterranean and I'm looking for some suggestions on bars after the show. (Saturday night)

I'm more of the dive bar type, but am open to other bars/lounges. My wife is much the same, though she'd probably prefer the dive bar type of crowd combined with a "cool" setting. I'm really trying to steer clear of the pretty boy/girl crowd, we don't do clubs, but we are open to any 'decent' bar in the wicker park / bucktown area. We won't be driving, we'll likely take a cab to the area in the afternoon (from downtown, river north area) to eat and have a couple beers before hitting Subt - so, we'll be hoofing it, preferrably, unless the types of places I'm looking for are more suited for a cab ride.

What I mean by 'decent' above is a bar that's not filled with the trendy, 'I'm so hot I can hardly stand it' crowd.. A few here and there is fine, makes for good talk over a beer. My 'going out' attire consists of jeans and a tshirt, though my wife likes to make herself look a little more presentable than I do.

Looking for suggestions on bars that we can walk to in the area! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fancy cocktails to be had at the Violet Hour.

    There are dives all over the place. I'm a fan of Danny's up in Bucktown off of Damen, the Club Foot at Honore and Augusta, Rainbo Club on Damen at Damen and Division, Czar Bar on Division and Wood or Innertown Pub on Iowa.

    These are not (usually) places to see and be seen, they have good music, usually a pool table or two, occasionally live music, and a dirty hipster or two can usually be found downing a PBR or something equally ironic.

    1. Map Room @ Armitage. Not exactly a dive, but casual, neighborhood hang out. HUGE beer selection.

      The Map Room
      1949 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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        Thank you both - doesn't necessarily have to be a dive, just something on the casual side while being free of popped collars and such.

        1. re: whatyouare

          You should be fine. Lincoln Parkers rarely venture that far west. The dirty hipsters might eat them. Then usually stick to Moonshine if they come to the neighborhood anyways.

          1. re: jjc58

            ah, haha, good stuff - thanks :)