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Aug 10, 2009 01:36 PM

First trip to Vegas

Hey Chow community - about to take my first trip to Vegas and we have one free evening to eat out. Not going completely insane with the budget (let's keep it under $250 for two, before wine) where *must* we eat for the 'Vegas food experience'??

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  1. First of all, you can eat anywhere in Vegas for $250-before wine. I would reccomend Tao and Delmonico. At Tao order all tapas plates. The seabass, chicken and kobe are incredible. i went wild to and ordered sushi for desert.

    At Delmonico order the bone in Ribeye. Finish with oreo bannana bread pudding.

    1. If you use the search engine for this board, you will find several threads with the information that you seek,

      1. TO, a little more info would be useful in determining choices. Is food the most important? How important is atmosphere? IMHO, one of the greatest places is Picasso for all around experience, especially if this is your 1st trip. It is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Las Vegas and if you are there at the right time of the year dining on the patio is one of the greatest experiences. Lotus of Siam is a Thai restaurant off strip that is about a 1/3rd the cost but has zero atmosphere but food is great. Some critics label it the best Thai in the US. Another off strip location is called Raku (actually the real name is Aburiya Raku) and it is a very short ride up Spring Mountain Road. Really a GREAT place but it is tiny and again, not really a place to "be seen". There are many others to recommend but being a little more specific with what you are looking for would help whittle down selections.

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          Thanks so much - and I'd say food is most important, but we'd love to have a 'classic' LV experience, so environment counts too (never, never trumping food). Will do a thorough search of this board and see where it takes me!