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Aug 10, 2009 01:31 PM

Montreal for Four Days: Restaurant Recommendations

We will be in Montreal for four days and would love recommendations for some "not-to-be missed" restaurants. One pricey dinner is fine, but moderate options also recommended.

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  1. Au Pied du Cochon is not to be missed. http://www.restaurantaupieddecochon.c...

    You also can't come to Montreal without having smoked meat. So that means a trip to Schwarstz's.

    La Banquise for poutine is also a must.

    Bagel's from either St Viateur or Fairmount are also very Montreal.

    1. Bigfellow is right on.

      After my recent week-end with an out-of-towner, I will add picnic food from Jean Talon Market (raw milk cheeses & dry cured meats, fruit, wine) and then head over to the Tam Tams on Sunday @ 12:30. His favorite Montreal experience so fasr, and he har been coming every year for 20 years!