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Aug 10, 2009 01:23 PM

Trip to Cornwall -- Also Dorking

My wife and I will be attending her niece's wedding in Dorking in about a month. We will be taking a few days after the wedding to wander leisurely around Cornwall. Any thoughts about restaurants, inns, etc. Sometimes formal, mostly informal. Places with good food where we could stay ( b and b) would be a plus.

The wedding is in Dorking, so any thoughts about that place would be helpful, as well.

Much thanks,

Bernard Schneider

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  1. Just by chance, I live 10 minutes from Dorking. Let me know exactly what you are interested in Bernard... place to stay, restaurants etc. Are you coming from somewhere else in the UK or visiting from another country?

    This is a beautiful part of England, but I find the very local restaurant scene rather ordinary for the most part. Will you have a car to get around a bit? And remember that London is only a 45 minute train ride and offers a lot more choice.

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      Thanks to Zuriga and absurdnerbird

      The wedding is at Wotton House in Dorking, where we will be staying. My wife is from London ( in US 35 years), so this time around little interest in London. Suspect that while we are in Dorking, much of time with family, so just thought if we could get away, where we could go; we will have a car. After the wedding, off to Cornwall.

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        There is a very good Indian restaurant in Leatherhead... Lal Akash on the High St. At night, you can park right outside the door. As the other poster advised, Cafe Rouge and Sang Thai are fine. I wan't impressed by one meal a year ago at the Bali, but by now they could have a new chef. For pizza and Italian in Dorking, I like a small place on West St. I'll get back with the name of that one.

        Dorking and Esher both have The Ghurka Kitchen which is Nepalese food and excellent. We often prefer that over the local 'Indian,' just because it's a bit different.

        The best food in the area is The French Table in Surbiton, which is just next to Guildford. It needs to be book a bit in advance and is a bit pricey but the food is first rate. Frascati is another local Italian place between Dorking and Leatherhead, but I haven't eaten there although it always looks crowded. Leatherhead also has two Italian places on the High Street - nothing much to rave home about.

        I'm an American so I think my views are always a bit shaded by my many years of eating back near and in NYC. Enjoy Cornwall, too!

    2. Ashtead Balti, Ashtead - excellent Indian
      Sang Thai, Dorking - good thai
      Cafe Rouge, Dorking- decent chain French
      The Bali, Dorking - quite good Indonesion/Malaysian
      Cafe Rialto, Dorking - good pizza and Italian
      Thai Terrace, Guildford - decent thai, nice view and atmosphere on top floor of a car park

      1. A good base in Cornwall is Padstow. The Rick Stein restaurants are OK and give the place a foundation, but better bets are "Margot's Bistro" (book early it gets full) and "No 6". For a drink try "Bin 42" (I think), and across the water in Rock Nathan Outlaw has a new restaurant.

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            The hazy recollection speaks volumes about how much we enjoyed the hospitality...!

        1. Reigate has a couple of nice restaurants, and it's not far from Dorking. The Westerly does yummy bistro type food, pig cheek croquettes being a particular favourite. It has a Bib Gourmand and usually sets us back about £100 for two for three courses and wine.
          I also like La Barbe in Reigate, very French and very tasty. Their potato dauphinoise is to die for!

          1. Leatherhead was in the Top 5 c**p towns in the UK list, but obviously that doesn't mean that its restaurants are bad. I would make a recommendation for Drakes near Gomshall, or try one of the many great pubs in the area such as the one on Abinger Common, or The Withies at Compton.
            I agree about the French Table which is both expensive and has long reservation lists.
            Or for something completely different, go and have tea at the National Trust cafe at Polesdon Lacey? Don't expect award-winning food but it might be homemade?
            Also agree re Rick Stein's in Padstow - great food and atmosphere.
            Enjoy Surrey - and leave quickly!

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              I beg your pardon, but I live in that area.... OK, you're right. We have to travel most of the time to find food we enjoy a lot. There is nothing wrong at all with the Running Horses in Mickleham - fine food and always mobbed.

              The new cafe and farm shop at Polesden Lacy are OK, too. The produce is awful, but they carry some nice items and very good homemade breads.

              I'm sure your area is much nicer than Surrey.

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                Sorry Zuriga, didn't mean to offend. It's just that having spent my first 18 years as a Surrey resident, personally I couldn't wait to leave. It's not exactly diverse on any level? (And you've got to agree that Leatherhead should be singled out - it doesn't have the charm of any of the villages and the town planners killed it some time ago?) I agree that there are many superb pubs and personally have enjoyed The Running Horses and also the William IV on many an occasion.
                Different area, different time, different people....

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                  No offense really taken... after all - I'm just a transplanted Yank so it's all fairly new and a bit 'charming' for me. In general, we severely lack good eating down this way. My sons grew up in a NYC suburb and left the day after they graduated from uni.... it's the same the world over. :-)

                  That said, I like Dorking (where my husband works) even less!