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Aug 10, 2009 01:10 PM

SF hounds preliminary plans~please review

OK~We're getting ready for the big trip. We are trying to make plans around places we hope to visit as well. Here's the tentative line-up:

Arrive Chelsea and head to Red Cat(sentimentally so) for dinner

Thursday: LES Chowhound food walk picking up Lox @ Russ & Daughters, bagels & bialys @ Kossar's et al

Thursday pm: Momofuko Ssam(dinner)

Friday: Union Square Green Market
Pearl Lunch
Lil' Frankie's dinner(can be reversed or can go to Malatesta )

Saturday: open but dinner @ Lupa: probably shopping and walking in the Village. I need to visit Aedes Venustas on Christopher Street for perfume

Sunday DUMBO Flea Market
Walk the Bridge home to Manhattan
Dinner? (maybe Malatesta)

Monday: MOMA
lunch @ Yasuda
dinner with relatives @ Perilla

Tuesday: NY Botanical Garden
lunch @ Otto Zero Nevo on Arthur Avenue
God of Carnage(7 pm curtain)
Blue Ribbon late dinner

Somewhere in here we are thinking lunch @ Fatty Crab and a hot dog @ Grey's Papaya.
A few other contenders include : Peter Luger's for a burger, Al di La for dinner

We are not "temple of fine foods" folks but do love great food and particularly neighborhood places.

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  1. whoops~forgot to say we will head to Museum of City of NY and the Conservatory across the street on Thursday.

    1. Why Li'l Frankie's, in particular? I've found it fine, but prefer some other Italian restaurants in that vicinity, such as Supper, Cacio e Vino, and Frankie's Spuntino. The parent restaurant of Frank's little chain, Frank's itself, also has a more interesting menu than Li'l Frankie's, though without the pizza, if I'm not very much mistaken. I haven't been to Malatesta but like Lupa a lot. Reservations highly recommended, especially on Saturday, when you're likely to be shut out without them.