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Aug 10, 2009 01:00 PM

Galveston - what's up?

Headed to Galveston (staying at the Galvez), and here's what I got so far for places to eat (please add any other recs/opinons; we are traveling with a 4 & 2 year old..)

Cafe Michael Burger - burgers, German fare
The Spot - burgers, etc
La Estacion - breakfast tacos/burritos
Shrimp 'n Stuff - seafood
Mario's - there is a Seawall Mario's, and a 61st Mario's - they are owned separately...anyone have any advice on either place?

Also looking forward to a trip to La King's Confectionary, and Col. Bubbie's - it will be my kid's 1st time to both, and one of many for me!

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  1. When it comes to Mario's it is funny, some locals swear by the one on 61st and others by the one on Seawall. Personally I think the one on Seawall is the better of the two.

    For Mexican food I like La Estacion and go there frequently on Sunday after church. I also think a good option is Gordita's on Seawall near Mario's. If you try Gordita's take cash because they do not take cards.

    1. I like Cafe Michael burger better than the Spot but both are good.
      I don't care for La Estacion.
      Donut Shoppe for a Bronco burrito is my favorite for breakfast burritos. El Rey is my second favorite. To me it is not a breakfast burrito unless it has eggs, potatoes, bacon, chorizo, and cheese. I also enjoy Star Drug store for breakfast. Their chocolate malt is better than La King's.
      Shrimp n stuff I usually get a shrimp po boy.
      I had the buffet at Mario's on 61st and I won't ever go back there. Mario's on seawall was ok.

      1. Benno's is near The Galvez and they have very good Cajun(fried) crabs, as well as good grilled seafood. It's very casual and the kids will be no problem, just try and avoid peak hours, as they can get slammed. I have been to Cafe Michael Burger only once, and did not go back as they wouldn't cook my burger to medium rare as requested.