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Aug 10, 2009 12:56 PM

searching for a wild boar vendor at the local farmers markets

last summer at the Brickworks we were getting wild boar sausage (leek and black olive! yum!), bacon and even once prosciutto (tossed with grilled asparagus it was hands down a top 3 food moment of my life!).

He also sold elk and elk pepperettes for dog treats and was super friendly and nice.

He's not at the Brickworks this summer (indeed it seems smaller and less good with the construction going on) and I'm desperate to find him and his boar again.

Any leads appreciated!

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  1. Not the same vendor, but John Rietkerk of Second Wind Elk has a year-round booth at the Saturday St. Lawrence North market. Along with his own naturally raised elk and elk sausages, he sells wild boar and other meats raised by neighbouring farmers.

    I believe there's another elk farmer selling at Riverdale Farm on Tuesdays and possibly at the Green Barn (Wychwood) on Saturdays.

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      If the wild boar is raised by other farmers, how can they call it "wild" boar?.

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        you take a wolf, put it in a zoo it doesn't go "poof" and magically become a dog because it's captive, take actual wild boars, don't interbreed them with domesticated pigs which have had 10 thousand or so years of us pushing their DNA around and yes they still genetically the same as the original wild animal, yes the domesticated feed will alter the taste profile from a true wild game animal but it's also not going to have the same characteristics a domestic pig.

    2. The Brickworks is physically the same size as last year, there is just less parking, but a few of the regular vendors have moved from there to Wychwood, quite likely your board sausage guy is at Wychwood.

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        Thanks for that - it's worth a trip to Wychwood to find out - sadly they don't list their vendors online anywhere.

        Yes the space is the same - not sure about parking as we take the shuttle from Broadview but it seems me me a lot of the vendors we liked and bought a lot from are gone - Withrow too has less vendors this year.

        I've found a notice that Wychwood has between 25 and 35 vendors every week so that could explain it - just wish it was closer to the east end!

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          Personally the only vendors I'm missing is Ezra the sandwich guy, he definitely went to Wychwood, and Ruth from Monforte cheese, she's not producing cheese this year while she builds a new dairy and is only at St Lawrence North with aged cheddar style cheese.

          Akiwenzie's Fish was around at the start of the season but they are renovating their plant and haven't been producing for much of the season either.

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            A friend of mine was buying it at the Dufferin Farmer's Market a couple of years ago.

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            I've been at the Wychwood market pretty consistently for the last few months, and I haven't seen anybody selling boar or elk (however, two of the vendors do seem to have red veal, which i found very exciting).

        2. It's a bit of a hike, but I have bought the "wildschweinwurst" at Ruppelt's on Markham Rd, just north of Eglinton in Scarborough. Give them a try if in the area. I really like the flavour.

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            Thank you! I was trying to remember the name of the place I bought some store made European weiners today for the hot dog cook-off. It was Rupelt's -- right near me. My first time there; very friendly folks.

          2. While not a farmer's market, Blackstone on the Danforth was selling wild boar sausage as part of Taste of the Danforth. Not sure if they carry it as a regular item, but I know they do special orders.

            1. Greetings
              Just to let you know we are and have been at the Brickworks all summer long. Although we no longer have our famous wild boar bacon, we do still have our ever popular black olive and leek sausage along with a wonderful selection of our elk products.
              If you don't find us at the Brickworks Farmers market, we are also at the Riverdale Farmer's market on Tuesday from 3-7.