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Aug 10, 2009 12:27 PM

$1 Oyster Specials

Sansom Street Oyster house has $1 oysters until 7:00 Monday - Friday. I went last week and chowed down on a dozen tasty oysters. I don't think the drinks were on special.

Do you know of any other oyster specials in the city? Ansill had $1 oysters but they are now closed. I heard Union Trust also has $1 oysters.

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  1. Snockey's has 'Clammy Hour' Monday through Friday 4pm to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 4pm. Raw oysters are 75 cents.

    1. You are correct about Union Trust. Pub & Kitchen does buck-a-shuck daily, 5-7 I believe. Johnny Brenda's also has oyster specials but I don't know the details.

      1. Not in the city, however Theresa's Next Door in Wayne has buck a shuck on Monday nights. Additionally they have $3 domestric drafts (all Belgian style - not wimpy Bud and Miller prodcuts) M-F from 4-6pm. This past Monday with the traditional lemon wedges, they served a frozen horseradish and roe topping. Was excellent.