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Aug 10, 2009 12:19 PM

Bottega Louie (downtown) - review - I've died and gone to b'fast heaven!

I had the pleasure of having b'fast at Bottega Louie on Saturday morning.

Upon entering, the space is striking - high ceilings, white from floor to ceiling, a lovely deli case showcasing their carry out goods and another case in the rear of that section and has already made sandwiches and other goodies. It's obvious that much care and consideration has gone into the aesthetics of the space and it really is well done.

We walked up to the host station (in the middle of the space) and were asked to wait a few moments. I found that to be a little odd, since there were only a few people seated, plenty of space, and no one waiting. There seemed to be a bit of nervous energy (very similar to what I've felt at cooking school establishments, when you know they are trying their best to present top notch service, yet not seasoned enough to do so with out the nervous edge). We were happy to mull around the front of the space (where the carry out foods were). Everything was beautifully displayed and looked incredible! We only waited a few minutes and the host came and found us.

Upon seating, we were asked if we preferred still or sparkling water, which was surprisingly (and much to my delight) complementary. The menu offered a variety of egg dishes and b'fast fare (frittatas, eggs benedict, brioche french toast, lemon ricotta pancakes.. to name a few). We were told this was a special Sat/Sun brunch menu.

I ordered their "Farmer's Market Breakfast" which was two poached eggs (which were perfectly poached) on top of the most flavorful golden beets, cherry tomatoes and haricots verts. I got one piece of mushroom (that was delicious) just wish there was more! It was garnished with the most flavorful Parmesan slices that was absolute perfection with the dish - and not a skimpy portion, either. My dining companion ordered the brioche french toast which was 2 generous, thick slices of french toast and said it was very good.

The house coffee was DELICIOUS. It was fresh and flavorful and the best coffee I've been served at a restaurant lately. I planned to inquire about it but forgot. Does anyone know what they serve?

We were given a half loaf of (french?) bread, delivered in a wax paper bag, shortly after ordering. Small dishes of butter and jam were also presented. The bread was amazing - perfectly crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. The butter and jam were delicious.

Service is wonderful - if not a bit too meticulous (each time someone came by, they would tidy the table a bit (clearing my partially used packet of sugar that I planned to use with the next cup), rotating the coffee sweetener container 90 degrees so it would be perfectly situated on the table, and removing my bread dish before I had a chance to use it. While I certainly appreciate a cleared/tidy table, it was a little too much. That said, it was a lovely and relaxed experience overall and the attention to detail and service is very evident and appreciated.

It was priced very reasonably for what it is - 2 coffees and 2 b'fast entrees the bill was $28 pre-tip.

The delicious food, beautiful space, and excellent service make me count the days til I get to visit again. I can't wait!

700 S. Grand Ave.
(downtown) Los Angeles

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  1. Great review. I saw a picture of the Farmer's Market breakfast with the poached eggs and it looked incredible. How do they get the eggs so perfectly cooked and shaped like that?

    How is the parking on a Saturday morning?

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    1. re: havepixel

      There's a $5 lot just behind the restaurant (on Grand), $4/hour meters out front... I had some other errands to do, and parked in a structure nearby. Plenty of open spaces - just a matter of $$. I didn't inquire if they validate anywhere, but I sure hope they do. It's also close to the 7th/Metro Red Line stop, so for future visits, that will be my mode of transport.

      Those poached eggs are simply divine! I think next visit I'm going to do a better job at watching them in action (there's an area where you can look into the cooking/prep area and see the magic transpire).

      1. re: havepixel

        If you have a library card, you can park at the central library (enter on Flower) and get validated for $1 parking all day (10-6 on Sat).

      2. Had a belated b-day lunch there on Sunday. The food was very good but not amazing. No matter, we really enjoyed it and had plenty to take home. We ordered the smoked salmon w/bagel from the brunch menu, then the Louis salad and a margherita pizza. We had the flat water. After lunch we checked out the bread and pastries, and the great looking sandwiches that were ready to go. We each took a fruit tart home and an oatmeal cookie. It was a lot of food. Felt a little like Paris, a little like Las Vegas, and a little like NY. Next time we want to get some fish and vegetables from the "deli" case and one of those sandwiches and a pastry or two. Nice addition to LA. Just wish there were another one in WLA. Yet to try Huckleberry - maybe that will suffice? The parking is free in the lot across the street on Grand on Sundays. Bon app!

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        1. re: Francesca

          Huckleberry is pricier... and smaller in size and menu... but 10000x tastier and outstanding service... Worth the pop in.. I'm so glad I did yesterday! :)


          1. re: Dommy

            Completely agree that huckleberry is 10000x better! BL is sufficient since I work downtown most of the time, but oh hiw I always wish I were going to huckleberry instead!