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Aug 10, 2009 12:10 PM

Rehoboth - a Week of Eats - feeding Big Guys then a Gal's weekend - Part 2 - Happy Hour and Snacks

So, our eating fest continued:

Happy Hours and Snacks:

Arena’s –
Jeff and Chey dropped in for a snack and based on the recommendation of a gal at Azure clothing ordered the nachos. Jeff said they were out of this world good, large portion, delicious and for under $15 (before tip), they were able to have drinks and the nachos – big enough for two to share.

Catcher’s –
Jeff, Chey and Jason stopped in there for Happy Hour. As far as I know (and hope), Jeff was the only one who had drinks (he’s the only one old enough!) and they had some half price appetizers he was plenty happy with. As an artistic chef, he’s almost as concerned with food presentation as he is about flavor and he really loved their presentation.

A couple days later, Mitch, Jason, Jon and I went to Catcher’s for happy hour as well after we couldn’t find any space at Claws or Fins. We had a pleasant experience – even though we made it clear we were only taking advantage of the happy hour specials, they allowed us to sit at a nice big booth table in the dining room which none of the other happy hour special restaurants would allow. We ordered 4 appetizers to share – calamari, craw fish skewers, scallops wrapped in bacon and steamed shrimp. The scallops wrapped in bacon were the winners of the table, the scallops were large, fresh and tender. The presentation (as Jeff had said) was great for each of the items. The shrimp was great, the calamari was average and the crawfish were yummy, but a little overcooked. The servings sizes as appetizers was fine, but not ‘large or plentiful’ by any means, but certainly still a good value. All in all, it was a good experience and with a pina colada for me, a bottled beer for Mitch and sodas for the boys, was a bargain at under $30 before tip.

We had considered Catcher’s for dinner though they aren’t written up glowingly by any chow-hounders that we noticed. We paused in front of the place one evening reading their specials board and as a family was leaving, the woman was kind enough to lean over and say to us, ‘don’t bother, it really isn’t worth it’. I said, oh, really? Thank you! She said, ‘yeah, the portions were really small and the food was not at all impressive’.

So, I don’t know… but, I guess based on that, I would probably stick to the appetizers, and specifically, when they are half price!

Thrasher’s –
Well, I have to agree with all those who say their fries can’t be missed. As upset as Jason was that they do not serve ketchup, he quieted down once he started eating them. They are so delicious, they should be a crime to serve. And, talk about a bargain – at $9 bucks for an enormous bucket big enough for 4 of us to eat too much, they are probably the best bargain on the beach. A couple doors down, in a white building with a pink sign (sorry, I can’t remember, nor find the name), there was an ice cream shop with homemade hard ice cream flavors and a friendly, bubbly girl who served up her personal recommendations for their best flavors – chocolate oreo and butterfinger and we were plenty pleased with the 3 scoops for $3.50 (!) as well as the flavors and freshness.

Fin’s –
Ok, Lewes17266 is SO right about their happy hour specials – fantastic! They have half-price steamed shrimp, steamed and raw clams and steamed and raw oysters. Mitch was a little disappointed the oyster selection was limited to two types for the happy hour special, but he settled down once the food started being served. There were 5 of us there, we had 3 half pound orders of shrimp which was so fresh, huge and cooked to absolute perfection, 2 orders of raw oysters and 2 orders of steamed clams. Mitch and the boys were leaving that night, so they decided to order sandwiches before they hit the road. Knowing they loved the oyster po boy, two of them ordered those again and Jon got a burger which was huge, fresh and perfectly medium rare. Rebecca had a couple rail drinks (half price), I had a couple sea breezes (half price), Mitch had a couple beers (half price) and the boys had sodas and waters. We had outstanding service by one of the bar staff who was very attentive even though we were at the corner area away from the bar. All of that food and all of those drinks came to $70, which really is unreal.

I would say based on our experience, Fins happy hour is not to be missed if you’re visiting the area. And, as a tip, we tried several times unsuccessfully to attend the happy hour – unsuccessful because the bar spots fill up very fast! The day we managed, we arrived at about 3:58 – and there was a line at the door waiting for the place to open! We grabbed the corner spot and when we were finally getting ready to leave (around 5:30) there were people hovering around our area waiting for the spot. Any time any one of us stood up, the bar stools would disappear right out from under us! We joked about auctioning the corner spot off! One woman kept insisting we had to inform her before we left.

I had heard some of the bars (such as Fins) are unfriendly to people with kids visiting the happy hours for specials, but the gal at Fins didn’t react in any negative way whatsoever, nor did the wait staff at Catchers. Of course, my kids aren’t ‘little’ or young, so that might have something to do with it.

Budgeting tip - as a family trying our best to ‘kind of’ budget our trip, this is what we did – we ate a nice big home cooked breakfast at our condo each morning, supplemented by our yummy baked goods from Pasqualini’s Bakery, served with our delicious fresh ground coffee from Oby Lee’s, then we waited until the late afternoon to have the happy hour specials or small snacks such as the Thrasher’s fries. This cut what likely would have been our lunch expense to at least half if not more… then we had a late dinner each night, which is what we prefer anyway.

More later….

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  1. Thank you again, onealexis.
    I can now look forward to the Catcher's Happy Hour too.

    1. We ( a family of 5 with an 18,15, and 13 yr old) just came back at 3am last night from a weekend in Rehoboth...I wish we could have done the happy hours, but spent the afternoons on the beach....we called Fins for dinner, after reading the reviews, and was told it would be a 2 hour we tried to go to Go Fish, and was told 1/2 we walked around to another location but it started a storm was approaching, and we decided to hurry to a place called Hobos that we read about....the waitress told me that there were short staff-ed and apologized, and we sure did for the food, two of the dishes were was a crab with was so gummy..the best thing on the plate were the fresh chopped up tomatoes and the lettuce surrounding it...I ordered the lobster mac and cheese, always wanting to try it..gross!!!I expected something bubbly with a melted cheese on the was a goopy tart elbow macaroni with a runny white sauce, with maybe 3 pieces of$25.00 a total rip off...the other dishes, a grilled shrimp and the swordfish were ok.... the next day, had lunch at everyone says, great batter of the fish, pretty decent fries...btw..has anyone tried the bacon ice cream at the ice cream shop on Rehoboth Ave..can't remember the name? or the spinach?

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      1. re: tabemono

        thanks for the warning on Hobos. Glad you liked Go Fish.

        Not sure what the name of the funny ice cream place is, but the guy who owns it also owns Peppers, the fabulous hot sauce store on Rte 1.

        1. re: tabemono

          I just had the spinach ice cream on Sunday - I really found it refreshing. Can't say I thought it tasted much like spinach, but it was cool, creamy and had a hint of vanilla. They will give you samples. A friend sampled the bacon and liked it, but opted for the Bettter than Sex - cake batter with swirls of chocolate I think - too sweet for me.

        2. onealexis, I did get to Pasqualini's since our discussions and I plan to go back again and again. I brought home a keylime pie, a frozen lasagna and bread for dinner that night. It was all absolutely delicious. I am glad to have found out about this very special hidden gem from a visitor!

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          1. re: Lewes17266

            Hey Lewes, speaking of bakeries, what can you tell us about DiBonaventre's up in your neck of the woods?

            Glad you made it to Pasqualini's. That's a very dangerous place (in a good way).

            1. re: Bob W

              I am embarrassed to tell you that I have never been to DiBonaventure's even though I pass it all the time and have read about the couple who own it. I will drop in now that you've mentioned it. "Kogler's Old World" is a regular vendor at our Farmer's Market so that's where we pick up our bakery bread but that will be ending in October.

              1. re: Lewes17266

                We tend to prefer Kogler's for bread and its available in several stores around town. Although DiBonaventure's has bread, he tends to over-bake it but the foccocia is worth checking out.

                1. re: Lewes

                  Thanks Lewes. I have learned a lot from your posts. I changed my Chowhound name from "Lewes17266" so there would not be two of us here. I apologize for usurping your name for awhile. "Lewes17266" is now disabled, poor thing.

            2. re: Lewes17266

              I'm so glad to hear you went there and liked it! :-)

                1. re: Sensuous

                  Hi Lewes172266 / Sensuous; you really didn't have to change your Chowhound name as it was good to know there was 2 of us in lower, slower Lewes. I am starting to get a little alarmed with the closings - latest casulties were Wahoo and Del Finos.

                  1. re: Lewes

                    Hi again Lewes.
                    I was thinking Del Finos was closed only for the season. I never made it there for the housemade pasta. What a shame. We went to Wahoo once and thought it was nothing special.
                    Blue Plate is now The Filling Station and we hope to get there soon.
                    The new Irish Eyes is very nice. We think their food has improved. They offer a salad with tempura gorgonzola that my son and I crave.
                    Barista Cafe on the Highway is quite nice for a quick breakfast and lunch. I hope they will do well.
                    A sandwich shop has recently opened that we want to check out eventually. It is under the same roof as Bill's, across from Bethany Blues. Fisher Bay Gourmet and Arena's offer such great sandwiches in Lewes, and then there is Capriotti's. Did we need another sandwich shop? I wonder how they will do.
                    Two retail shops on Second Street have closed recently also.