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Aug 10, 2009 11:33 AM

18 Bay - Bayville

Has anyone been to 18 Bay recently? Do you have any feedback?

Going for an anniversary dinner this weekend, so hoping it is still good!

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  1. No one answered my request for recent info on 18 Bay, but we went for our anniversary dinner anyway. Glad we did! What a wonderful meal. The chefs cook using local products as much as possible, and the menu shows the source of the local ingredients. It is a bit expensive, but so worth it. Also, a very pretty but low key place - easy to have a conversation, and you can watch the sunset on the beach across the street. We will definitely go back.

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    1. re: valmar

      I've always had great food at 18 But haven't been in quite a while--hence my not responding your request. To me the only down side to the restaurant was its stratospheric wine list. I remember being there and not seeing one Italian red under $60. What was your experience?

      1. re: EZ Pass

        We had the same reaction about the wine. Very expensive wine list. I did notice that another patron brought his own, so we are planning to find out about the corkage fee before we go again.