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Aug 10, 2009 11:08 AM

Matyson or Kanella

I've been drooling over the reviews of these 2 restaurants the past few days and it's time to make a decision.

It's clear to me that I will need to return soon (hopefully) to try whichever one I do not choose, but if you needed to pick a place for a "get away from the kids" overnight in the city (Saturday dinner), which would you choose? Help!

And if you have a nice red wine recommendation (honestly, we like anything that is not sweet) I'm all ears .

Been reading this board on and off for a few years but this is my first post.

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  1. I'd choose Kanella personally, but that's just me.

    1. I'd actually go with Matyson over Kanella in general, but I think that Kanella might be better for a summer dinner... something about Greek (ahem, Cyriot) in this weather that is very attractive. I don't know when you intend to go, but I'd check out Matyson's menu ahead of time as they change it every week.. see how interested you are in their offerings.

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        I'll put in my vote for Kanella. I thought the service was extremely welcoming experience as Matyson was not as good, thought the server was pretty stuck up and it really affected my enjoyment of the meal..make sure you order the dips of the day.

        PS For the wine, I would choose a California Sauvignon Blanc.

      2. My choice would be Matyson.
        Although I loved my appetizer at Kanella - and dessert - both my husband and I were not thrilled with our entrees. The carbs (grains?), and also the general flavor of my husband's stew kind of dish, had a strong flavor that was not to our taste.
        There was nothing wrong with the food, and most people probably love it, but we also are not big fans of Indian cuisine. I don't even know which seasonings were giving us trouble. I left half my platter.
        I certainly want to go back another time and order differently - probably grilled fish with nothing accompanying it.
        We have other friends who tried Kanella and don't love it. As I said, it's not that there is anything wrong with the food - it's probably excellent - but as with many ethnic cuisines, it has to suit your taste.
        If you always like everything, then go for it.
        At Matyson, I can eat anything on the menu and enjoy it.

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        1. re: sylviag

          Kanella is Greek cypriot not Indian!

          1. re: rocknroll52

            I understand that it is Cypriot, not Indian. I probably didn't make it clear - I just added that we don't care much for Indian food to make the point that we don't love all cuisines.
            We love sushi; some people won't eat raw fish. I'll try just about anything, and often end up liking something new.

            I know that not appreciating certain cuisines is a loss on our part - I would like to enjoy everything. But - there is enough stuff I love to send me back to Weight Watchers!

        2. I would have to say my vote goes to Kanella- overall I had a much more enjoyable experience there. But truthfully, you really can't go wrong with either place.

          As for a red wine, have you ever tried Red Guitar? It's a nice mellow, cheap wine from Spain (I think they go for about $11-13/bottle)

          1. Was at Kanella last week and enjoyed the food AND the service very much. My vote goes to Kanella.