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Aug 10, 2009 10:58 AM

Ontario peaches?

What's the word on their quality this year? Didn't like the ones I purchased at Brickworks last week. Has anyone found any good ones and where?

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  1. I've had no luck at any place I have tried -- all the peaches seem to be very watery and low on flavour. I think it's been a bad year for fruit because of all the rain in Ontario. I will keep trying though -- maybe a week or two more will improve them.

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      I agree - the ones I've tried were not super and didn't have much flavour. It's supposed to be sunny and warm this week so maybe that will help. It definitely has been an unfortunate summer for fruit and vegetables with the weather we've had.

    2. Picked up some at St Lawrence Market North on Saturday morning. Very, very good. Best of season so far.

      1. picked up a basket from fiesta farms last week, they needed a day or two of ripening at home, but they were real good after that.

        1. Have had good luck so far with baskets of smaller cling stone varieties from Highland Farms--fresh and unbruised. They do a need a couple of days to ripen at room temp. Larger varieties from several west GTA farmers' markets were gawdawful--obviously picked green and turned to mush while ripening. I'm trying the old DT Hamilton market over the next couple of Saturdays simply because it's closer to the orchards.

          1. Laura Sabourin's Feast of Fields Organic Farm has been selling their delicious organic peaches and yellow plums at Dufferin Grove Farmers' Markets for the last couple of weeks. The peaches are fabulous a couple of days after purchase. Just remember to let peaches ripen completely at room temperature and refrigerate immediately afterwards. The plums are sweet, juicy, and extremely flavourful.

            Nectarines are also now coming into season. I bought some ready-to-eat ripe ones at the Canal Rd. market (Hwy 400 in the Holland Marsh) yesterday and found them to be very good.

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              I can confirm this, we bought some peaches from Laura on Saturday, I ate one pretty much right away and it was firm but tasted watery and tasteless. Tonight I ate another peach from the same batch that had been sitting out on the counter and it was a world of difference, juicy and full of flavour.