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Aug 10, 2009 10:52 AM

Italian speaking servers on Vegas Strip?

Here's a new one.

Sibs and I are taking our mom to Vegas Strip for her 75th bday. In an earlier life, Mom lived in Italy and still likes to bring out her knowledge of the italian language with the wait and other staff whenever possible in restaurants - usually after we've finished our wine :-) It's a phenomenon that never ceases to entertain us sibs.

Anyone know of a good Strip restaurant where she can converse with staff in italian? Doesn't have to be italian food. Does have to have good service. Location?...Mandalay Bay to the south and Encore to the north. Budget?...mid-range ($40/person max with drinks), which I know probably eliminates most of my favorite Strip restaurants, but does fit within the budget of everyone in our party.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Just south of Mandalay Bay, there is a neighborhood restaurant, Table 34 ,that has a manager (Tony) and a server (Janina) who are fluent in Italian. A little out of your way, but this place fits your budget and goals.
    Happy 75th to your mother and I hope you all have a memorable time in Las Vegas.

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      Thanks LaurieK, Table 34 menu looks great!

    2. La Scala, 1020 East Desert Inn (702-699-9980), is just a few blocks off of the strip, and Roberto, the owner, is from Italy and seems to relish the kind of evening you are looking for. Also at least one server that speaks fluent Italian. If you call in advance, they might even work up some old-school dishes just for your mother (and if getting a few glasses of wine for your mother helps to set the mood, the wine list is very reasonable by Las Vegas standards). On the Strip I recall Bartoletta and Circo having servers that speak Italian, but the price points get a little difficult.