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Aug 10, 2009 10:45 AM

Budget-Friendly Steak Recs?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and he seems to be leaning towards wanting to go out for steak for dinner that night. However, as I'm on a bit of a budget, I'm looking for recommendations for a steakhouse (or another restaurant where he can get a REALLY good steak) where we can go out for a nice dinner for under $100 for the two of us. We're not big drinkers, so that's not really a factor in the price, but I'd like to not spend too much more than $100 total including tax and tip.

Is this even remotely possible? If it is, where should we go?

Thank you!

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  1. You could try the pub menu at Keen's ( - it's a limited selection, but delicious and reasonably priced for the quality and the classic atmosphere. We've gone several times and always left happy with the food, the service, and the bill. Only problem is that the pub menu doesn't have a steak per se, though the prime rib, filet kabobs, steak salad, and mutton chop are all excellent.

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      i agree with roving. steak salad at keens is $25 and is a really good sized portion (and i can eat alot). also, blt prime has a good hangar steak for around 25 too and probably a better "birthday place". if you don't feel comfortable with letting him know you're on a budget, keens pub is perfect since nothing on the menu is over $30

    2. you could try the pub room at Keens - lower prices than the dining room because the portions are a bit smaller.

      aside from that, French bistros, brasseries, and Argentinian restaurants are usually good alternatives for steak with a lower price tag than the standard chophouse. some places that come to mind:
      - Balthazar
      - Pastis
      - Azul
      - Cercle Rouge

      there's also Angelo & Maxie's, though CH opinions are very mixed. (a couple of the better steakhouses have a lower-priced hanger steak on the menu - e.g. BLT Prime, Primehouse - but everything else on their menus is pretty pricey, so if he doesn't order that, you're sorta screwed.)

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        Second the Azul recommendation. Excellent food for the price, in a fun atmosphere.

      2. Noveciento is an Argentinian steak house on SoHo that has great skirt steaks and a fun atmosphere.

        1. try angelo and maxies or maxies grill
          at the grill
          8 oz filet for 21 or aa oz strip for 19.95
          at angelo and maxies they are all in the 30's

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          1. re: notsochubbychubette

            too bad the steaks there aren't good.

            Unless the OP wants to share one steak or order hanger steak, I suggest you stop thinking about a steakhouse and start thinking about french bistros. Balthazar, Pastis, etc.

          2. Les Halles makes a mean steak frites.