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Budget-Friendly Steak Recs?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and he seems to be leaning towards wanting to go out for steak for dinner that night. However, as I'm on a bit of a budget, I'm looking for recommendations for a steakhouse (or another restaurant where he can get a REALLY good steak) where we can go out for a nice dinner for under $100 for the two of us. We're not big drinkers, so that's not really a factor in the price, but I'd like to not spend too much more than $100 total including tax and tip.

Is this even remotely possible? If it is, where should we go?

Thank you!

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  1. You could try the pub menu at Keen's (http://www.keens.com/OurMenus/Pub/) - it's a limited selection, but delicious and reasonably priced for the quality and the classic atmosphere. We've gone several times and always left happy with the food, the service, and the bill. Only problem is that the pub menu doesn't have a steak per se, though the prime rib, filet kabobs, steak salad, and mutton chop are all excellent.

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      i agree with roving. steak salad at keens is $25 and is a really good sized portion (and i can eat alot). also, blt prime has a good hangar steak for around 25 too and probably a better "birthday place". if you don't feel comfortable with letting him know you're on a budget, keens pub is perfect since nothing on the menu is over $30

    2. you could try the pub room at Keens - lower prices than the dining room because the portions are a bit smaller.

      aside from that, French bistros, brasseries, and Argentinian restaurants are usually good alternatives for steak with a lower price tag than the standard chophouse. some places that come to mind:
      - Balthazar
      - Pastis
      - Azul
      - Cercle Rouge

      there's also Angelo & Maxie's, though CH opinions are very mixed. (a couple of the better steakhouses have a lower-priced hanger steak on the menu - e.g. BLT Prime, Primehouse - but everything else on their menus is pretty pricey, so if he doesn't order that, you're sorta screwed.)

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        Second the Azul recommendation. Excellent food for the price, in a fun atmosphere.

      2. Noveciento is an Argentinian steak house on SoHo that has great skirt steaks and a fun atmosphere.

        1. try angelo and maxies or maxies grill
          at the grill
          8 oz filet for 21 or aa oz strip for 19.95
          at angelo and maxies they are all in the 30's

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            too bad the steaks there aren't good.

            Unless the OP wants to share one steak or order hanger steak, I suggest you stop thinking about a steakhouse and start thinking about french bistros. Balthazar, Pastis, etc.

          2. Les Halles makes a mean steak frites.

            1. There's always Le Relais de Venise (L'Entrecote) for steak frites. You will definitely make it out under $100 with 3 courses and even a glass of wine. But they only have steak frites so hopefully you will be ok with that too.

              It's a prix fixe (around $25) for salad, steak frites and your choice of dessert. The entree is brought out in 2 portions to keep it warm. I haven't been but I can't wait

              Oh and i totally second Azul. But remeber it is Argentinean steak and that's not for everything

              Luciano's - Sugarloaf
              6555 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite 309, Duluth, GA 30097

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                MUST. GET. TO. RELAIS.
                Wow...Have you reviewed it? Would love to read. Thanks!


                  1. If you check out www.diningfever.com, there are coupons there if you don,t mind using them. Delmonico's offers 20% off on your bill on weekends. It offers 15% on weekdays. It could be an option if you don't mind using the coupon.

                    1. I would agree with Le Relais de Venise on Lexington Ave!

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                        Not sure about it for a celebratory meal...if it's anything like the one in Paris, which I've been to, it's all about chowing down and turning the table over, not lingering and enjoying the meal. Perhaps the new one in NYC is different but I think that's their formula

                      2. Have you considered doing lunch instead of dinner?

                        One of the best deals in town is the Steak Tips @ Del Frisco's. The only drawback is you have to eat in the bar....don't worry about ordering alcohol, since you can order a couple of iced teas or a bottle of Pellegrino instead.


                        Splurge on the big guy and request a double order for him alone.

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                          If you can do lunch, the lunch specials at Benjamin steakhouse are great. 30 bucks buys you a decent sized delicious ribeye plus a baked potato and some sauteed broccoli.

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                            I thought about lunch, but we're most likely going to the Mets/Phillies game in the afternoon and won't have time for a long lunch, so dinner it is.

                          2. I'll second Les Halles - the good thing about them is that there'll be a nice selection of different cuts (as opposed to a restaurant that just has one or two) at a decent price, AND a good selection of other bistro staples, if you're not feeling steak for yourself that evening. Apps and desserts are all inexpensive - $7 to $9 generally, so you can do app / entree / dessert for about $40 per person, pre-t/t, give or take. Maybe even a bit less.

                            Balthazar isn't a bad choice, either, but they're a little pricier, and I find it a little harder to get out of there for under $50 pp. Maybe if you skip apps or dessert.

                            Les Halles
                            15 John Street, New York, NY 10038

                            Les Halles
                            411 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

                            1. Del Frisco's does a decent 3 course prix fix menu for about $40/person. It's not on their website but you can call and ask about the details.

                              1. If you are only going to eat steak ... skip the appetizers ... maybe add two sides and a slice of cake ... you might be able to go to a steakhouse. I would try Mark Joseph Steakhouse which is downtown ... I believe their menu is on their website so you can take a look. It is a little pricey but if you are celebrating it is so worth it. I have purchased restaurant.com gift certificates (i think you pay $10 and get $25 ... if you are going on a friday night i think that they participate in diningfever.com which gets you a percentage off of the check ... there are restrictions on both but if you get porterhouse for 2 it works and you can only use one) Happy Birthday ...