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Aug 10, 2009 10:45 AM

Alternative to C.I.A. in Hyde Park?

OK, I know there probably is nothing comparable, but I can't get a reservation for dinner at the Culinary Institute for next weekend. Can anyone recommend a very good restaurant in the Hyde Park, NY area?


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  1. There is a place called Twist, that I have still never been to but has gotten high praise. Not sure if that will be any easier to get into. I would call ASAP

    1. Search the board for Rhinebeck recs for some additional choices; it's only 10 miles to the north and has more options.

      1. twist in hyde park, artists palate or busy bee in poughkeepsie, would in highland, or rhinebeck places (i'm less thrilled with the rhinebeck choices).

        also, chowhound functions best when people don't just ask questions, but also respond to others' questions.

        1. i would agree with twist. very good food. the artist's palate in pok is also a favorite. imho, i wasn't that impressed with my meals at caterina de' medici, american bounty, or st. andrew's cafe at the cia.

          avoid the hyde park brewery. i did not enjoy my visit there at all. my utterly sad fish dish looked and tasted like a rubber sole.

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            It's certainly no a substitute for haute cuisine, but... I might give Hyde Park Brewery another try. Ate there for the first time while passing through this weekend, and the beer flight is a lot of fun. Boneless short ribs were very good, but burger was gristly. Dessert (molten chocolate) was quite acceptable. Service very friendly.

          2. Il Barilotto in Fishkill. It's about a 25 min drive but worth it. Arguably the best Italian in the area. Great wine list too. Only downside is that it is first come first serve so go early.