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Aug 10, 2009 10:38 AM

Date Places in Lower Westchester

I have to find a good place to go on a date tonight. It's a first date so something really casual and laid back would be wonderful. He's not from here so I can't really ask him for ideas. I don't want to go as far up as White Plains. Something definitely in lower westchester. I also don't want anything pricey or too romantic. I'm not looking to be swept off my feet. I just want to get to know this person. Any ideas? Everything I'm coming up with is not a good idea. I thought of Kang Suh in Yonkers but I heard it's pretty expensive and I'm not sure if this guy would be too keen on Korean food.

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  1. Hmm... how about Fujinoya in Hartsdale? Its totally casual and not too expensive. Its Japanese food. Pipers Kilt in Eastchester is a bar with good burgers (although the last time I went, I was disappointed). This is where my current boyfriend and I had our first date!

    1. half moon , cookery, mimosa in dobbs ferry. spadaro in new rochelle, zuppa in yonkers or the cuban place in yonkers.

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        what's cookery like? I've never heard of it. i don't care for the cuban place in yonkers. Nine hours after ordering, you get your food and it takes three hours to get a drink.

        Edit: Cookery is closed on Mondays. Which is a shame because I just looked up the review. I'm going to have to try that place.

        1. re: SachiArlin

          Why not White Plains? Peniche is the bomb. Stay away from Milonga.

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            Well he's driving all the way from Long Island and I don't want a half hour drive to White Plains after that. I also thought of maybe going to City Island - but again, too much of a trek and quite honestly, I wouldn't know where to go. My goal is to be able to get to the restaurant within 15 minutes. He's really picky. For someone who didn't care where we ate, he so far has told me that he doesn't like sushi and he can't have spicy food. So my idea of Korean wouldn't have worked anyway because he'd pass out from all the sauces.

            1. re: SachiArlin

              Maybe Gianna's or Carlos' Restaurant. Both are in Yonkers and are casual Italian places. Good luck. Your date sounds a little high maintenance.

              1. re: mary30

                I know...he does seem a little high maintenance. I think he wants bar food to be honest with you. I was sort of looking forward to relaxing in a calm atmosphere. I guess not!

                That being said, I think I'll take him up to Pumpernickel in Ardsley. They make decent burgers there.

                1. re: SachiArlin

                  Good luck. He does seem high maintenance.....

                  1. re: SachiArlin

                    If you want to stay in Yonkers, sounds like he might be a Rory Dolan's kind of guy.

                2. re: SachiArlin

                  with or without mr. right now - hope he isn't as high maint. as he sounds - but for future chowing, Sammy's Fish Box in City Island is a very unique fun food experience, usually high energy, jumbo portions to share or without fail take half home...they must order tons of foil...also good casual date spot is The Bayou in Mt. Vernon, a few spots in Bronxville - but much more romantic there, and if good weather the riverfront area in Yonkers has a few fun spots...
                  so, for a first date, not sure how you met him but, if you want a limited timeline, I would get just apps and drinks at Harvest on the Hudson, incredibly relaxing beautiful ambiance river views gardens...remember, YOU should be happy also!

                  1. re: foodlvrzen

                    Yeah...this is a casual met him online sort of date. So, it could go well or really really not well. I think my decision is going to be made for me when I see how he's dressed. If he shows up in a wifebeater or something, I might pretend I'm not me.

                    1. re: SachiArlin

                      Stay positive and stay away from city island. Its full of wretched eats. Apps & drinks at harvest on Hudson sounds like an ideal plan from above post. good luck!

                3. re: cubanat

                  Why do you suggest staying away from Milonga? My DW and I have eaten there for both lunch and dinner on a number of occasions, and have found the food, atmosphere, and service all excellent.

                  1. re: ltlevy

                    it was mediocre food at best. white plains needs another tapas-argentinian-italian-brazilian -fusion place like it needs another mediocre bakery (see meme's versus white plains bake shoppe) We tried to sit in bar for a drink prior to meal (dining room was not crowded) and was asked twice to close the tab to get seated. then at table was asked literally eight times to order an entree before and after ordering 3 apps and 2 salads ( for 2 peeps). the server kept asking even after we said we'd wait until the apps came... it was simply annoying so we ordered pasta and a chicken entree to make him stop. everything we ordered was either garnished with a piped mashed potato pile and a plaintain chip or fried spaghetti...this place or peniche? not even in the same league. I won't even comment on the actual food but to say that the calamari was inedible. It was cut the wrong way so that it looked like fingers and fried quickly so the light breading fell off when you went to pick them up then was chewy like cartilage off a chicken leg! as for the atmosphere I just don't like neon and carved marble I guess but I would be willing to deal with that if the food was good and the service was not overly annoying. that's all.

                    1. re: cubanat

                      I can understand your message to stay away based on the service you received. Fortunately, we haven't had those problems. Service has always been very good when we've been there.

                      With regard to the calamari, I don't eat it, but my DW does and she thought it was quite yummy.

                      I haven't been to peniche, so I can't compare, but as far as Milonga goes, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

                      1. re: ltlevy

                        I did love the fact that they diced the fruit in the sangria so that it went through one's straw. That goes to show that someone cares about the details. I guess it was just not my cup of tea. You have to try Peniche. The food is terrific.

            2. So how was it? And did you go to Pumpernickels? I've been there twice. I loved it the first time and disliked it the second so I've been reluctant to go back

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              1. re: mary30

                Please give us a report on your date....LOL